6 Facts About Simon Mayo

1. In May 2011, Simon Mayo won a Sony Award for "Best Music Show" for his work and that of his team on the BBC Radio 2 drive time slot.

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2. In January 2010, Simon Mayo took over from Chris Evans on the Drivetime show, noting he was "very lucky to be given a second chance in such a high-profile slot.

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3. From April 2007—April 2008 Simon Mayo took over the Radio 2 Music Club every Monday night from 11:30pm to 12:30am.

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4. In a May 2008 interview with The Guardian, Simon Mayo mentioned he "signed a contract for the next two years" and was uncertain whether he would still be at 5 Live when it moves to City of Salford.

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5. In May 2001, after 15 years with Radio 1, Simon Mayo joined and moved on to another national BBC station, Radio 5 Live to present an afternoon programme.

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6. In 1999 Simon Mayo broke a world record by broadcasting for 37 hours in aid of that year's Comic Relief.

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