17 Facts About Sir Michael Rocks


Antoine "Sir Michael Rocks" Reed was born in 1987 in the Chicago suburb of Matteson, Illinois, where he was raised.


Sir Michael Rocks began producing under the moniker Sir Michael Rocks, going by Mikey Rocks.


In mid-2005 Sir Michael Rocks was mostly working on music production, and doing some rapping as well.


Sir Michael Rocks soon founded the hip hop duo The Cool Kids, when Rocks was still sixteen.


Sir Michael Rocks met co-founder Evan "Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll on Myspace in 2005, after Rocks found a beat that Ingersoll had produced.


Around 2011 Sir Michael Rocks co-founded The Toothpick Clique with his friends Tris J and Shorty K, collaborators from his teenage years.


On March 14,2011, Sir Michael Rocks released his debut solo album, the Rocks Report mixtape, which featured twenty five original songs and skits.

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The album features sixteen tracks with Sir Michael Rocks doing most of the writing on all.


Sir Michael Rocks released a collection of sweatshirts and T-shirts with the release of the Premier Politics, promoting various independent designers.


On October 23,2011, it was announced that Sir Michael Rocks joined forces with the independent label Jet Life Recordings, a Warner Bros.


Sir Michael Rocks appeared as a featured artist on a number of the albums released by the label.


Sir Michael Rocks toured in the fall of 2012 with Mac Miller, and for the second part of the year toured with Pac Div.


Sir Michael Rocks released an 8-track follow-up mixtape, Lap of Lux 1.5, in December 2012, with producer Harry Fraud contributing.


Sir Michael Rocks performed at SXSW 2013 in Austin, having performed at the festival annually since 2007.


Sir Michael Rocks continues to be active as a guest artist, and he has contributed to tracks by artists such as Dom Kennedy, Ski Beatz, Sean O'Connell, Curren$y, Rapsody, Dizzy Wright, Freddie Gibbs, and The World's Freshest.


Sir Michael Rocks has referenced local Chicago rappers as influences on his sound.


In 2022 Sir Michael Rocks announced the official relaunch of his fashion line Marriani.