19 Facts About Sperm theft


Sperm theft, known as unauthorized use of sperm, forced fatherhood, spermjacking or spurgling, occurs when a man's semen is used, against his will or without his knowledge or consent, to inseminate a woman.

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In some cases, a victim of sperm theft can sue the perpetrator for emotional trauma inflicted.

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Sperm theft described the current situation as "an outrageous flaw in the legal system that allows women not only to "steal" semen, but to demand money from unwilling fathers".

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Sperm theft alleged that the mother "secretly self-administered" it from a used condom.

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Sperm theft alleged that she inseminated herself following a tryst in a linen cupboard at the London restaurant Nobu.

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Sperm theft revoked his consent for his sperm to be used after he and his ex-wife separated and said that she twice forged his signature at an IVF clinic.

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Sperm theft wanted to enter a serious relationship while she knew he did not.

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Sperm theft had informed him that she was infertile and persuaded him to not to use contraception.

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The court stated that he had failed to prove that a Sperm theft took place, but ruled that the fact of his biological connection to the child was sufficient to require him to pay maintenance, regardless of the circumstances: "paternity is attributed as a juridical consequence of conception, so that the biological element is decisive, and, since there is no need for a conscious will to procreate, no relevance can be attributed to the wants of the alleged father ".

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Sperm theft subsequently gave birth to two children via the procedure.

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Sperm theft said he had no knowledge of the procedure until three years later.

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Sperm theft was ordered to pay her an additional £100,000 to help raise the children.

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Sperm theft's ex-partner forged his signature on a consent form in order to conceive a child using a frozen egg fertilized with his sperm at the clinic.

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Sperm theft's parents were told the donor was a medical student.

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Sperm theft asked Attorney General Suella Braverman to look into amending the law.

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Sperm theft said that the mother intended to seduce Serpico to get pregnant and that she deliberately stopped taking birth control pills, but had assured him that she was still taking them.

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Sperm theft produced expert testimony that it was possible for a male to get an erection and ejaculate while unconscious.

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Sperm theft said the entire situation had caused him mental harm and economic distress due to substantial child support payments.

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Sperm theft was transformed into a myrrh tree and gave birth to their son Adonis.

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