6 Facts About Stanley Williams

1. The most notable thing was that Stanley Williams had supporters at the back of the room… Mrs Becnel was among them, I understand.

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2. In 1979, Stanley Williams was convicted of four counts of murder committed in two of three separate incidents.

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3. In 1976, Stanley Williams was wounded in a drive-by shooting while sitting on the porch of his house in Compton.

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4. In 1969, at age sixteen, Stanley Williams was arrested in Inglewood for car theft and was sent to the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in Downey.

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5. On December 13, 2005, Stanley Williams was executed by lethal injection, after extensive appeals for clemency and a four-week stay of execution were both rejected by Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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6. In 1979, Stanley Williams was convicted for the murder of four people during two robberies, and was sentenced to death.

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