11 Facts About Stephen Lloyd

1. On 6 December 2018, Stephen Lloyd resigned the Liberal Democrat whip in Parliament over Brexit.

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2. In 2015, Stephen Lloyd supported appeals made by the parents of a five-year-old girl who died in his constituency, when the child's grandparents were denied visas to enter the UK to attend her funeral.

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3. In 2014, Stephen Lloyd was awarded the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honouree for this work.

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4. In 2011, Stephen Lloyd developed a successful local apprenticeship initiative, aiming to recruit 100 apprenticeships in 100 days in Eastbourne.

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5. In 2010, Stephen Lloyd created an "MP's Commission", composed of local business and community leaders in his Eastbourne constituency.

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6. In January 2018, Stephen Lloyd sponsored a parliamentary debate on Universal Credit's impact on the private rented sector.

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7. In July 2016, Stephen Lloyd announced that he would seek selection as the Liberal Democrat candidate at the next general election.

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8. At the 2005 general election, Stephen Lloyd lost to the sitting Conservative MP, Nigel Waterson.

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9. In 2002, Stephen Lloyd was selected by the Liberal Democrats to be their next candidate for the constituency of Eastbourne in East Sussex.

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10. From 2005 to 2010, Stephen Lloyd worked for the Federation of Small Businesses as a business development consultant.

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11. On 6 December 2018, Stephen Lloyd resigned the Liberal Democrat whip as his party's position on Brexit was inconsistent with his pledge to his constituency that he would "respect the result" of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016.

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