45 Facts About Steve Albini

1. Steve Albini criticized producers who put vocals in the mix much higher than everything else in order to "sound more like the Beatles".

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2. Steve Albini is the founder, owner and principal engineer of Electrical Audio, a recording studio complex in Chicago.

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3. Steve Albini lays down the final mixes at Electrical Audio on half-inch analogue tape, mostly using the Ampex ATR102.

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4. Steve Albini prefers analogue to digital for sonic reasons, although he reckons that high-resolution digital formats sound "OK".

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5. Steve Albini went on to produce In Utero, and with that record just celebrating its 20th anniversary, well, this is all sorts of timely.

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6. Steve Albini used to set off firecrackers onstage to launch almost every Big Black show; similarly, Bulldozer is Big Black's true big bang.

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7. Steve Albini is a sound engineer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, diver and journalist.

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8. Steve Albini has said that he considers producer royalties "an insult to the artist.

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9. In the mid 1990s Steve Albini was working at the Black Box studio near Angers, France, where he had recorded an album for the German band 18th Dye on Matador, as well as part of his Shellac album.

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10. Steve Albini rejected the criticism from the group, claiming that Nirvana was obsessed about the record not being "perfect.

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11. Steve Albini took a lot of criticism for the group's name, which he took from a character in Japanese comics.

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12. In 1981 Steve Albini formed Big Black, a group that helped cement his reputation in the punk world.

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13. Steve Albini is active as a poker player, coming 12th in the 2013World Series of Poker Seniors Championship.

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14. Steve Albini bought Electric Audio in 1995, and continues to work there to this day.

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15. Steve Albini is a well-known engineer, mixer, and studio owner who lives and works at his Electric Audio studio in Chicago, Illinois.

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16. Steve Albini possesses his own recording studio, releases his own food site, and has taken part in the World Series of Poker.

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17. Steve Albini initially refused to give the album master tapes to Gold Mountain, but relented after a phone call from Novoselic.

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18. Steve Albini sought to produce a record that sounded nothing like Nevermind.

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19. Steve Albini observed that "they wanted to make precisely the sort of record that I'm comfortable doing".

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20. In return, Steve Albini sent Cobain a copy of the PJ Harvey album Rid of Me to give him an idea of the acoustics at the studio where they would record.

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21. In 2004 Steve Albini was always responsible for dealing with bands directly at Electrical Audio and answered the phone in the studio.

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22. Steve Albini is an avid poker player and ranked in 12th-place at the 2013 World Series of Poker Seniors Championship.

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23. In the 1994 article, Steve Albini was severely critical of the manner in which major labels were treating musicians.

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24. Steve Albini has mentioned an admiration for Alan Lomax in particular before.

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25. Steve Albini was sent into the desert with nothing but a shaving razor.

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26. Steve Albini is the reason why Connor Oberst is so sad.

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27. Steve Albini is married to film director Heather Whinna and they work and live in Chicago.

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28. Steve Albini regularly engages in public-speaking appointments for the audio industry.

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29. Steve Albini is an avid poker player and ranked in 12th place at the 2013 World Series of Poker Seniors Championship.

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30. Steve Albini commenced writing a cooking and food blog, titled "Mariobatalivoice: What I made Heather for dinner", in March 2011.

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31. Steve Albini has frequently stated his dislike for pop music, and in a 2015 interview told 2SER Sydney that "pop music is for children and idiots.

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32. While in Australia in November 2014, Steve Albini spoke with national radio station Double J and stated that, while the state of the music industry is healthy in his view, the industry of music journalism is in crisis.

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33. Steve Albini critiqued Jay Z's subscription-only, lossless audio streaming service Tidal in an April 2015 interview with Vulture.

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34. In the essay "The Problem with Music", Steve Albini criticized music producers who lack a solid understanding of music engineering, and thus latch on to whatever is trendy at the moment, such as Pultec equalizers or compression.

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35. In November 2014, Steve Albini delivered the keynote speech at the Face the Music conference in Melbourne, Australia, where he discussed the evolution of the music scene and industry since he started making music in the late 1970s.

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36. In a 2004 lecture, Steve Albini stated that he always deals with bands directly at Electrical Audio, and answers the phone himself in the studio.

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37. Steve Albini bought Electrical Audio, his personal recording studio, in 1995.

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38. For the reissue, Steve Albini mastered the audio into copper discs, using a process called Direct Metal Mastering, which he felt "gives you better immediate fidelity.

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39. Steve Albini was hired to produce the 20th-anniversary deluxe reissue of In Utero, which came out in 2013.

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40. Steve Albini chose the studio in part due to its isolation, hoping to keep representatives of Nirvana's record label, DGC Records, away.

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41. In 2004, Steve Albini estimated that he has engineered the recording of 1,500 albums, mostly by obscure musicians.

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42. Steve Albini explained in 2010 that Shellac had made a decision early in their existence that they would not play at festivals and this position was articulated to All Tomorrow's Parties festival organizer Barry Hogan during the preparation stage of the inaugural ATP event.

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43. In the Chicago area, Steve Albini was active as a writer in local zines such as Matter and Forced Exposure, covering the then-nascent punk rock scene, and gained a reputation for the iconoclastic nature of his articles.

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44. Steve Albini is Italian American and part of his family comes from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.

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45. In 2018, Steve Albini estimated that he had worked on several thousand albums during his career.

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