29 Facts About Steven Bochco

1. Steven Bochco was reading New York magazine while on the toilet when he read an article about child prodigies.

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2. Steven Bochco liked to punish the character of his brother-in-law.

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3. Steven Bochco thought his performance was a little disappointing, because he thought Bernsen was good-looking enough to be in the show.

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4. Steven Bochco reported that Fox is "very enthusiastic" about doing it.

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5. Steven Bochco thought it was a "little disappointing" because he thought Bernsen was good-looking.

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6. Steven Bochco told composer Mike Post that he wanted to start the opening sequence with a car trunk slamming shut.

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7. In 2007, Steven Bochco launched the internet series Cafe Confidential, with each episode lasting about 60 seconds.

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8. Steven Bochco went on to marry Kalins, the president of his eponymous TV production company in 2000.

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9. Steven Bochco was married twice before tying the knot with Kalins.

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10. Steven Bochco eventually got his way, and proceeded to name the next two season three episodes "Moon Over Uranus: The Sequel" and "Moon Over Uranus: The Final Legacy.

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11. Steven Bochco credited the show's renewal to two things: NBC being a last place network at the time, and the NBC sales department noticing that high-end advertisers were buying commercial time during the show.

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12. Steven Bochco has won 10 Emmy Awards including six for Hill Street Blues.

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13. Steven Bochco was born on December 16, 1943 in New York City to a Jewish family.

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14. Steven Bochco began working for Universal Pictures as a writer subsequently went onto become a story editor.

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15. Steven Bochco is a New York produced US television writer and producer with a net worth of $150 million.

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16. Steven Bochco wrote the pilot for this 1979 show, which was based on the 1931 novel Turnabout.

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17. Steven Bochco was a huge producer and writer in the television industry.

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18. In 2000, Steven Bochco married Dayna Kalins and they had one child together.

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19. In 2005, Steve Steven Bochco took over the TV show Commander in Chief that was the creation of Rod Lurie.

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20. Steven Bochco was hired at the 20th Century Fox as a producer and co-creator.

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21. In 1978, Steven Bochco left Universal and joined MTM Enterprises where he became a producer.

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22. Steven Bochco started working at the Universal Pictures in 1966 as a writer and story editor.

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23. Steven Bochco was born on 16 December 1943 in New York City.

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24. Steven Bochco was the executive producer of the television series, 'Commander in Chief'.

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25. Steven Bochco was nominated for about 98 Emmy Awards for the show.

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26. Steven Bochco earned profound recognition for being the co-creator of the TV series.

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27. In 1961, Steven Bochco joined the Carnegie Institute of Technology located in Pittsburgh.

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28. In 2005, Steven Bochco took charge of Commander in Chief, created by Rod Lurie, and brought in a new writing team.

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29. In 1992, Steven Bochco created an animated television series, Capitol Critters, along with Nat Mauldin and Michael Wagner.

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