12 Facts About Stuart Sternberg


Stuart L Sternberg was born on August 8,1959 and is an American Wall Street investor.


Stuart Sternberg is the principal shareholder of the ownership group that owns the Tampa Bay Rays and acts as the team's Managing General Partner since November 2005.


The youngest of three children, Sternberg was born on August 8,1959, and raised in a Jewish family on Avenue M in the Canarsie neighborhood of New York's Brooklyn borough He is the son of Beverly and Samuel Sternberg and his parents owned a pillow shop on Flatbush Avenue.


One of Stuart Sternberg's most cherished memories is when he saw Sandy Koufax pitch while attending his first Major League game with his father at Shea Stadium in 1965.


Stuart Sternberg has played in various organized baseball leagues over his lifetime and coached his two sons' Little League teams for five years.


Stuart Sternberg attended yeshiva through third grade, wearing a kippah every day and went to Canarsie High School.


In 1978, Stuart Sternberg began his professional career trading equity options part-time at the American Stock Exchange while attending St John's University earning a degree in finance.


Stuart Sternberg has served on several committees and advisory boards in the financial securities industry.


Stuart Sternberg structured his bid for controlling interest in the team with fellow Goldman Sachs partner Matthew Silverman whom he hired as the team's president.


In February 2011, an article in Business Insider speculated that Stuart Sternberg would be a potential owner of the New York Mets.


Two major factors that supported the theory is that Stuart Sternberg is a Mets season ticket holder and that Stuart Sternberg had expressed negative feelings about the Rays due to low fan attendance.


Stuart Sternberg said he was happy with the Rays and has no interest in buying another team.