11 Facts About Sunday school


Sunday school is an educational institution, usually Christian in character.

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Many Sunday school classes operate on a set curriculum, with some teaching attendees a catechism.

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Sunday school wrote an article in his journal, and as a result many clergymen supported schools, which aimed to teach the youngsters reading, writing, cyphering and a knowledge of the Bible.

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Sunday school opened a school in the home of a Mrs Meredith, operating it on a Sunday - the only day that the boys and girls working in the factories could attend.

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The primary intent of this Sunday school system was the teaching of the Catholic faith; the teaching of reading and writing became necessary to assist in this.

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The first documented Sunday school was started in 1826 in Snavlunda parish, Orebro County, by priest Ringzelli, and was still active during the time of Pastor Lennart Sickeldal in the 1950s.

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American Sunday school system was first begun by Samuel Slater in his textile mills in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in the 1790s.

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Notable 20th-century leaders in the American Sunday school movement include: Clarence Herbert Benson, Henrietta Mears, founder of Gospel Light, Dr Gene A Getz, Howard Hendricks, Lois E LeBar, Lawrence O Richards and Elmer Towns.

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Sunday school often takes the form of a one-hour or longer Bible study which can occur before, during, or after a church service.

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Sunday school teachers are usually lay people who are selected for their role in the church by a designated coordinator, board, or a committee.

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Some Sunday school teachers do have a background in education as a result of their occupations.

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