13 Facts About System 755


System 755 7, codenamed "Big Bang", and known as Mac OS 7, is a graphical user interface-based operating system for Macintosh computers and is part of the classic Mac OS series of operating systems.

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Current for more than six years, System 755 7 was the longest-lived major version series of the classic Macintosh operating system .

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System 755 7 was developed for Macs that used the Motorola 680x0 line of processors, but was ported to the PowerPC after Apple adopted the new processor in 1994 with the introduction of the Power Macintosh.

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Development of the Macintosh system software up to System 755 6 followed a fairly smooth progression with the addition of new features and relatively small changes and upgrades over time.

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Furthermore, a number of oddities in the original System 755, typically included due to limited resources, were finally changed to use basic underlying OS features:.

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System 755 7 was the first Apple operating system to be available on compact disc, although it shipped on a set of 15 floppy disks initially.

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Unlike earlier systems, System 755 7 did not come bundled with major software packages.

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Newly purchased Macintosh computers had System 755 7 installed and were often bundled with software such as HyperCard, At Ease and Mouse Practice.

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System 755 7 includes AppleTalk networking and file sharing software in the form of system extensions and control panels.

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Basic utilities installed by default with System 755 7 include TeachText for basic text editing tasks and reading readme documents.

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System 755 7 provided the support for accessing the PC volume from the Mac through its own PC Exchange software, and actual control of the PC hardware was accomplished by way of control panels.

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System 755 7 was the first system release that could no longer be usefully run on floppy-only systems.

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Engineering group within Apple responsible for System 755 7 came to be known as the "Blue Meanies", named after the blue index cards on which were written the features that could be implemented in a relatively short time as part of Apple's operating system strategy.

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