10 Facts About Takahashi Meijin


Takahashi Meijin, real name Toshiyuki Takahashi, is a former executive of Hudson Soft.


Toshiyuki Takahashi Meijin was primarily employed to sell computer software to resellers.


Takahashi Meijin helped programmers with his programming skills after finishing his workday.


Takahashi Meijin convinced resellers to market Hudson Soft's first game for the Famicom: Lode Runner.


Toshiyuki Takahashi Meijin was appointed to present the game, and practiced to know the game by heart.


The popularity of Takahashi kept growing, and many derivative products emerged, such as a cartoon, in manga, in film and in video games.


In 1999, Toshiyuki Takahashi Meijin transferred to a new branch of Hudson Soft dedicated to card games, Future Bee Cards.


Takahashi Meijin cited the disappearance of consumer games from Hudson's operations as the reason for his departure from Hudson.


Takahashi Meijin became famous for his fast trigger finger speed of 16 shots per second during the 1980s and is particularly known for his use of this skill in the game Star Soldier and the Family Computer version of Star Force.


Takahashi Meijin appeared as a character in Hudson Soft's Hudson's Adventure Island series.