6 Facts About Tania Bruguera

1. In October 2017, Tania Bruguera announced that she would be running for "President of Cuba", when the current President Raul Castro steps down.

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2. In December 2015, Tania Bruguera announced that she may still return to Cuba.

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3. In 2011, Tania Bruguera began working on Immigrant Movement International, a multi-part artwork expected to continue through 2015.

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4. In 2002 Tania Bruguera founded the Catedra Arte de Conducta in Havana to provide a space for the training of alternative art studies in contemporary Cuban society.

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5. In 1979, two years after her third move, Tania Bruguera decided to return to Cuba.

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6. As part of the work, Tania Bruguera has launched an Immigrant Respect Awareness Campaign and launched an international day of actions on 18 December 2011, in which other artists will make work about immigration.

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