15 Facts About Tax Foundation


Tax Foundation is an American think tank based in Washington, D C It was founded in 1937 by a group of businessmen in order to "monitor the tax and spending policies of government agencies".

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The Tax Foundation collects data and publishes research studies on U S tax policies at both the federal and state levels.

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Tax Foundation is organized as a 501 tax-exempt non-profit educational and research organization, with three primary areas of research: the Center for Federal Tax Policy, the Center for State Tax Policy, and the Center for Legal Reform.

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Tax Foundation's first project was a successful effort to stop a tax increase in Westchester County, New York, where they provided research and analysis to local activists.

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In 1948, the Tax Foundation opened an office in Washington, D C, and in 1978 relocated there completely.

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Tax Foundation research is generally critical of tax increases, high business taxes, excise taxes, tax preferences for the housing industry, and use of tax credits, which the Foundation views as "picking winners and losers".

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The Foundation has spoken favorably of efforts to balance the federal budget with tax reform and significant spending cuts, such as the Bowles-Simpson plan, the Ryan Plan, and the Wyden-Coats plan.

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Tax Foundation describes itself as an "independent tax policy research organization".

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The Tax Foundation has earned a 3 out of 4 star financial rating and 4 out of 4 star accountability and transparency rating from Charity Navigator.

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Tax Foundation publishes several major studies, including Options for Reforming America's Tax Code, which details the economic and revenue impact of over 80 potential changes to the U S tax code.

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Since 2014, the TAG model has been used to analyze legislative and campaign tax proposals, including the Tax Foundation Reform Act of 2014 proposed by Dave Camp, plans put forth during the 2016 presidential campaigns, the House GOP's 2016 tax reform blueprint, and the Tax Foundation Cuts and Jobs Act.

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Since 2013, the Tax Foundation has offered guidance to same-sex married couples filing income taxes at the state level, where local laws recognizing same-sex marriage can vary considerably.

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Every year, the Tax Foundation calculates and announces Tax Freedom Days in the United States.

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The Tax Foundation published a response to these criticisms, stating that their model results were "in line with analysis done by other mainstream economists for similar tax changes".

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The Tax Foundation has published various responses to Krugman's criticisms.

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