20 Facts About Telemetry


Telemetry is the in situ collection of measurements or other data at remote points and their automatic transmission to receiving equipment for monitoring.

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Telemetry has been used by weather balloons for transmitting meteorological data since 1920.

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Telemetry is used to transmit drilling mechanics and formation evaluation information uphole, in real time, as a well is drilled.

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Telemetry is a key factor in modern motor racing, allowing race engineers to interpret data collected during a test or race and use it to properly tune the car for optimum performance.

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Telemetry is used to link traffic counter devices to data recorders to measure traffic flows and vehicle lengths and weights.

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Telemetry is important in water management, including water quality and stream gauging functions.

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Telemetry control allows engineers to intervene with assets such as pumps and by remotely switching pumps on or off depending on the circumstances.

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Telemetry is used in complex systems such as missiles, RPVs, spacecraft, oil rigs, and chemical plants since it allows the automatic monitoring, alerting, and record-keeping necessary for efficient and safe operation.

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Telemetry is vital in the development of missiles, satellites and aircraft because the system might be destroyed during or after the test.

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Telemetry is used by crewed or uncrewed spacecraft for data transmission.

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Telemetry was a source for the Soviets, who operated listening ships in Cardigan Bay to eavesdrop on UK missile tests performed in the area.

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Telemetry is useful in these cases, since it allows the logistics system to channel resources where they are needed, as well as provide security for those assets; principal examples of this are dry goods, fluids, and granular bulk solids.

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Telemetry is used for patients who are at risk of abnormal heart activity, generally in a coronary care unit.

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Telemetry specialists are sometimes used to monitor many patients within a hospital.

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Telemetry is used to study wildlife, and has been useful for monitoring threatened species at the individual level.

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Telemetry hardware is useful for tracking persons and property in law enforcement.

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Telemetry has enabled bait cars, where law enforcement can rig a car with cameras and tracking equipment and leave it somewhere they expect it to be stolen.

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Telemetry is used for the remote monitoring of substations and their equipment.

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Telemetry is used in testing hostile environments which are dangerous to humans.

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Telemetry is used in many battery operated wireless systems to inform monitoring personnel when the battery power is reaching a low point and the end item needs fresh batteries.

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