43 Facts About Terence Crawford

1. Terence Crawford came from an African-American ethnic origin, his parents are Terry Crawford and Debbie Crawford.

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2. Terence Crawford won the fight after knocking Dulorme down three times in the sixth round.

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3. Terence Crawford earned the 2014 BWAA Fighter of the Year award for his wonderful performance.

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4. Terence Crawford belongs to the black ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

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5. Terence Crawford accomplished a TKO win after knocking his opponent out three times in the 6th round.

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6. Terence Crawford officially made a debut in professional boxing on the 14th of March, 2008.

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7. Terence Crawford has transformed Omaha's 18,000 capacity CenturyLink Center into his impregnable citadel.

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8. Terence Crawford became part of a controversy after he was found guilty of two counts on September 21, 2016.

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9. Under the light welterweight category, Terence Crawford fought with Thomas Dulorme, Dierry Jean, Viktor Postol, and Julius Indongo among others.

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10. Terence Crawford initially fought 70 official amateur bouts and lost only 12 times.

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11. Terence Crawford was born in Omaha, Nebraska on September 28, 1987.

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12. Terence Crawford became a 140-pound champion in April 2015 with a sixth-round stoppage of Thomas Dulorme and unified in July 2016 with a unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Viktor Postal in his third defense.

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13. Terence Crawford has the pound-for-pound title and I've got that fight right in front of me, so I want to take that one.

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14. Terence Crawford started to lower the car himself, damaging the hydraulic lift.

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15. On September 21, 2016 Terence Crawford was found guilty of two counts dating back to April, when he turned himself into the police.

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16. Terence Crawford earned $3.625 million, his career-highest, compared to Benavidez's $500,000 purse.

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17. Terence Crawford credited the body shots, saying, "That takes something out of you every time.

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18. Terence Crawford landed head and body combinations earlier in the fight which forced Benavidez to take a step back.

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19. Towards the end of round 12, Terence Crawford knocked down Benavidez, who fought with an injured knee, with a left-right combination, the final punch being a right uppercut.

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20. Terence Crawford used an in and out style of fighting to land his shots, and then got away before Benavidez could hit him.

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21. Terence Crawford earned a career-high $3 million purse and Horn earned a career-high purse of $1.75 million.

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22. On October 26, 2017 Terence Crawford officially vacated his WBO title to move up to the welterweight division, The WBO announced Crawford as the mandatory challenger to their titleholder Jeff Horn.

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23. Terence Crawford went on to explain how Orozco's promoters seemed to have little interest in the fight.

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24. Terence Crawford landed 184 punches from 419 thrown, Molina landed 41 of 287 thrown, a 14-percent connect rate.

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25. In round 8, Terence Crawford threw a flurry of shots that hurt Molina.

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26. Terence Crawford moved around the ring most of the fight, jabbing, holding and pot shotting an out of shape Molina.

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27. Terence Crawford held onto his titles in stopping Molina in the 8th round in front of a large home crowd in Omaha.

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28. Terence Crawford is one of the best fighters in the world.

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29. Terence Crawford nailed Crawford with a right hand behind the head, for which Postol was penalized one point, adding to Crawford's advantage.

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30. Terence Crawford claimed the vacant Lineal and The Ring Magazine titles.

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31. Terence Crawford spoke out about his feud with Lundy on social media, "He and I had gone back and forth on Twitter for like a year.

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32. Terence Crawford beat the count, but the bout was stopped by referee Steve Willis at 2 minutes, 9 seconds.

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33. Terence Crawford was named the 2014 'Fighter of the Year' by ESPN and the Boxing Writers Association of America, after dethroning Burns and becoming lineal lightweight champion.

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34. Terence Crawford retained his world title earning a 12-round unanimous decision win.

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35. Terence Crawford stated after the fight "I was warming up, getting used to his style in the first couple of rounds.

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36. Terence Crawford weighed in 134.8 pounds, slightly heavier than Gamboa at 134.4 pounds.

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37. Terence Crawford outclassed and outpointed Klimov, handing him his first defeat as a professional in a unanimous decision win.

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38. Terence Crawford received a purse of $125,000, whilst Prescott received $50,000.

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39. Terence Crawford was originally supposed to meet Robert Osiobe on the same card, but accepted the offer to fill in for Allakhverdiev on three-days notice.

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40. Terence Crawford had his first notable bout on the undercard of the second fight between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado, against former WBO lightweight champion Breidis Prescott.

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41. Terence Crawford made his professional debut on March 14, 2008, knocking out Brian Cummings in round 1.

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42. Terence Crawford fought 70 official amateur bouts, losing only 12 times.

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43. Terence Crawford was named Fighter of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association of America in 2014, and by ESPN in 2014 and 2017.

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