23 Facts About Terry Jones

1. Terry Jones is a Welsh writer, actor, and historian.

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2. Terry Jones married Alison Telfer in 1970, and they have two children together, Sally, and Bill (born in 1976).

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3. Terry Jones has published a number of articles on political and social commentary, principally in newspapers The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Observer.

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4. Terry Jones had first given cause for concern during the Monty Python reunion show Monty Python Live in July 2014 because of difficulties learning his lines.

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5. On 2 October 2016, Terry Jones received a standing ovation at the BAFTA Cymru Awards when he received a Lifetime Achievement award for his outstanding contribution to television and film.

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6. Terry Jones appears in two French films by Albert Dupontel: Le Createur and Enfermes dehors (2006).

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7. Terry Jones was invited by the Teatro Sao Luiz to write and direct the play, after a very successful run of Contos Fantasticos, a short play based on Jones' Fantastic Stories, with music by Luis Tinoco.

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8. Terry Jones has performed with the Carnival Band and appears on their 2007 CD Ringing the Changes.

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9. Terry Jones is a member of the Poetry Society, and his poems have appeared in Poetry Review.

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10. In February 2018, Terry Jones released his latest book The Tyrant and the Squire, with Unbound.

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11. Terry Jones provided significant support to Unbound as they developed their publishing concept.

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12. Terry Jones has written books and presented television documentaries on medieval and ancient history.

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13. Terry Jones has written numerous works for children, including Fantastic Stories, The Beast with a Thousand Teeth, and a collection of comic verse called The Curse of the Vampire's Socks.

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14. Terry Jones directed the 2015 comedy film Absolutely Anything, about a disillusioned schoolteacher who is given the chance to do anything he wishes by a group of aliens watching from space.

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15. In 2008, Terry Jones wrote the libretto for and directed the opera Evil Machines.

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16. Terry Jones co-directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Terry Gilliam, and was sole director on two further Monty Python movies, Life of Brian and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

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17. Terry Jones took a keen interest in the direction of the show.

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18. Terry Jones wrote for The Frost Report and several other David Frost programmes on British television.

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19. Terry Jones became interested in the medieval period through reading Chaucer as part of his English degree.

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20. Terry Jones read English at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, but "strayed into history".

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21. Terry Jones was born in the seaside town of Colwyn Bay, on the north coast of Wales.

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22. In 2016, Terry Jones received a Lifetime Achievement award at the BAFTA Cymru Awards for his outstanding contribution to television and film.

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23. Terry Jones made his directorial debut with the team's first film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which he co-directed with Gilliam, and directed the subsequent Python films, Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life.

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