11 Facts About Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments Incorporated is an American technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.

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Texas Instruments emerged in 1951 after a reorganization of Geophysical Service Incorporated, a company founded in 1930 that manufactured equipment for use in the seismic industry, as well as defense electronics.

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Texas Instruments was founded by Cecil H Green, J Erik Jonsson, Eugene McDermott, and Patrick E Haggerty in 1951.

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Texas Instruments was reorganized and initially renamed General Instruments Inc Because a firm named General Instrument already existed, the company was renamed Texas Instruments that same year.

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Texas Instruments exists to create, make, and market useful products and services to satisfy the needs of its customers throughout the world.

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In 1951, the company changed its name to Texas Instruments, spun off to build seismographs for oil explorations and with GSI becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the new company.

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Texas Instruments continued to manufacture equipment for use in the seismic industry, and GSI continued to provide seismic services.

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In 1954, Texas Instruments designed and manufactured the first transistor radio.

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In 1978, Texas Instruments introduced the first single-chip linear predictive coding speech synthesizer.

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DLP is a trademark under which Texas Instruments sells technology regarding TVs, video projectors, and digital cinema.

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Texas Instruments provides free services to the College Board, which administers AP tests and the SAT, and has a group called Teachers Teaching for Technology, which educates teachers on how to use its calculators.

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