11 Facts About The Ashes


The Ashes are regarded as being held by the team that most recently won the series.

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The Ashes spoke of them several times over the course of the tour, and the Australian media quickly caught on.

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The Ashes made the following statement about how he was given the urn:.

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The Ashes was interviewed in his home at Cobham Hall by Montague Grover and the report of this interview was as follows:.

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The Ashes started badly, losing the first two Tests heavily after Australia were caught on sticky wickets.

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The Ashes batted unconvincingly and reached 28 when he hit a ball to Jack Ikin; England believed it was a catch, but Bradman stood his ground, believing it to be a bump ball.

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WSC came after an era during which the duopoly of Australian and English dominance dissipated; the Ashes had long been seen as a cricket world championship but the rise of the West Indies in the late 1970s challenged that view.

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Only a single England victory had come in a match in which the Ashes were still at stake, namely the First Test of the 1997 series.

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The Ashes series have generally been played over five Test matches, although there have been four-match series and six-match series.

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Use of the name "The Ashes" was suggested by the Australian team when rugby league matches between the two countries commenced in 1908.

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The Ashes featured in the film The Final Test, released in 1953, based on a television play by Terence Rattigan.

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