11 Facts About The Boss Baby

1. The Boss Baby was a participant in the Konami-sponsored E3 Battle, where she defeated Anne Cunningham from Silent Hill: Downpour in the first round.

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2. The Boss Baby was one of the few members of Groznyj Grad to be allowed access to Groznyj Grad's weapons lab's west wing in spite of being below Colonel-class.

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3. The Boss Baby was a proficient user of CQC, having helped found the techniques and principle with her apprentice Naked Snake.

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4. The Boss Baby was forced to leave Jack when she was assigned a new top secret mission by the President on June 12, 1959 involving recruiting Russians who were against the new single-party regime in Moscow to steal and sabotage various Soviet space projects and possibly directly become involved when necessary.

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5. The Boss Baby is hopped up on energy but never harnesses it effectively.

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6. The Boss Baby is on a mission from Baby Corp, the heavenly factory where all infants come from, to uncover new intel on Forever Puppy, an engineered everlasting pooch designed to divert the love away from children.

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7. The Boss Baby repeatedly reiterates his conviction that love is a zero-sum thing.

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8. The Boss Baby is a hilariously universal story from a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim.

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9. The Boss Baby found dead near Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast.

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10. In North America, The Boss Baby opened alongside Ghost in the Shell and The Zookeeper's Wife, and was initially projected to gross around $30 million from 3,773 theaters in its opening weekend.

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11. The Boss Baby stays intelligent by drinking a "Secret Baby Formula" that enables a baby to act like an adult.

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