15 Facts About The N


The block was managed by the same team that made Noggin's preschool shows; the team considered it a challenge to focus on both preschoolers and an older audience at the same time, but they felt that Noggin and The N had a consistent, unified brand identity because both focused on education.

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The N launched a variety of spin-off media, such as live events and a soundtrack album.

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The N lost its footing by 2009, and both [The N] and its website closed down completely.

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Noggin's preschool and The N blocks were both managed by a group of people in Noggin's New York office.

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Sarah Tomassi Lindman, the vice president of Noggin and The N, called her job "very schizophrenic" because the two blocks served such different audiences.

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The N was commercial-free from April 2002 until May 2004, when Noggin started airing six minutes of commercials per hour during the block.

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In preparation for launching The N, Noggin convened research groups of tweens and teens to determine what kind of educational shows they needed.

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The N ran advertisements that encouraged parents to watch along with their children and hold discussions about topics raised on The N's shows.

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The N's website offered parent discussion guides for each episode of its shows.

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The N was an educational block launched by Viacom and Sesame Workshop, and it featured a mix of series from Noggin, Sesame Workshop, and outside companies; on the other hand, the TEENick block was launched by Viacom alone, featured Nickelodeon sitcoms, and had no educational curriculum.

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Since The N was still limited to a nighttime block, Dish Network chose to import The N's new block of programming onto Noggin each night from December 31,2007, until May 6,2009.

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In 2009, the TEENick and The N brands were discontinued and merged to form TeenNick.

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All reruns of The N series were removed from TeenNick's schedule by 2015; since then, the channel has been dedicated only to TEENick and Nickelodeon series.

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Two series that aired new episodes on The N, A Walk in Your Shoes and Out There, were first created for Noggin's original daytime block.

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South of Nowhere was the last original series created for The N It focused on a teenager who moves to Los Angeles and discovers that she is gay.

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