10 Facts About The Tudors


The Tudors is a historical fiction television series set primarily in 16th-century England, created and written by Michael Hirst and produced for the American premium cable television channel Showtime.

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The Tudors premiered on 1 April 2007; it was the highest-rated Showtime series in three years.

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The Tudors has a string of affairs and fathers an illegitimate son in episode 2 with his mistress Elizabeth Blount, who is one of Queen Katherine's ladies-in-waiting.

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The Tudors's refuses to become his mistress but insists that he marry her, which pushes him to use Cardinal Wolsey to take action against the queen.

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The Tudors prepares to take Anne on a royal visit to France, having demanded loyalty from the English clergy.

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The Tudors's is conducted to the Tower of London and her four supposed lovers, one of whom is her own brother, are executed, followed eventually by her own exceution — delayed by some hours as a result of the French executioner's late arrival from Calais.

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The Tudors deceitfully persuades the rebel leaders to lay down their arms and disperse their followers, promising to hold a Parliament in York to answer all their grievances; this is never held.

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The Tudors is unable to consummate his marriage and vents his frustration on Cromwell, which is encouraged by the Duke of Suffolk in league with Edward Seymour, as both want Cromwell removed from office.

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The Tudors's mind is on the succession and he appoints the Earl of Hertford to be Lord Protector until Prince Edward comes of age.

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The Tudors was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series in 2007.

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