35 Facts About Thomas Cook

1. Thomas Cook left school at the age of 10 and worked at various jobs until 1828, when he became a Baptist missionary.

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2. Thomas Cook brought "travel to the millions" and his name remains one of the names most often associated with travel, often given the title: "Father of Modern Tourism".

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3. Thomas Cook felt that he was being  pushed aside in his own company and eventually John Mason Cook would take over all operations from his father.

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4. Thomas Cook would rapidly expand operations, escorting tours throughout Europe, North America, and even led the first commercial tour around the world.

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5. Thomas Cook would transport over 150,000 people to London during the 6 months of the exhibition.

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6. Thomas Cook was born in 1808 in the small town of Melbourne, England but would be best known for his time living in Leicester.

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7. Thomas Cook said it had made progress in managing its cost base but bookings for this summer reflected uncertainty, especially in Britain.

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8. Thomas Cook took a hit from reduced demand for winter sun, partly blamed on last summer's record temperatures and partly on high prices in the Canary Islands.

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9. Thomas Cook has warned that anxiety among UK consumers is affecting summer holiday bookings—hours after rival TUI said it was facing a profit squeeze in the British market.

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10. Thomas Cook said this reflected consumer uncertainty, especially in Britain where concerns about Brexit had hit confidence.

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11. Thomas Cook said this reflected consumer uncertainty, especially in the United Kingdom where concerns about Brexit are hammering consumer confidence.

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12. Thomas Cook is considering selling off its airline fleet to raise much needed cash.

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13. Thomas Cook believed that tourism could reinforce the unification of Italy by physical travel from one place to another, connecting different regions of Italy.

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14. Thomas Cook pondered how tourism could ameliorate the economic and political difficulties.

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15. Thomas Cook became more aware of Italian politics and became particularly concerned with the fate of the newly unified Italian state.

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16. Thomas Cook was buried with his wife and daughter at Welford Road Cemetery, Leicester.

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17. Thomas Cook died at Thorncroft, Knighton, Leicester, on 18 July 1892, having been afflicted with blindness in his declining years.

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18. Thomas Cook used his to gain 89 yards, while Murray gained on 31.

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19. Thomas Cook is forecasting a surge in bookings to Tunisia next year as the destination benefits from being a non-euro destination.

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20. Thomas Cook has tipped Tunisia as a one to watch for summer 2019 with demand 'showing no sign of slowing down'.

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21. Thomas Cook held off a slew of hard-charging Tour veterans for the We hear so much about the Justin Thomas's and Jordan Spieth's, yet there are tons of guys like yourself winning golf tournaments and do well out here at the same age.

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22. Thomas Cook Limited provides integrated travel and travel related financial services in India, the United States, and internationally.

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23. Thomas Cook pays its employees an average of $67,000 a year.

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24. Thomas Cook sent us the poster, stills and trailer to share with you.

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25. Thomas Cook returned to practice in limited capacity this week after Tom Compton, Anthony Barr and Roc Thomas are out.

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26. Thomas Cook unveiled its plan to tackle plastic pollution on Monday, amid rising fears over the damage being.

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27. Thomas Cook certainly played a key role in not only boosting the Italian economy but bringing atmosphere and morale of Italian unification.

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28. Thomas Cook had an ultimate goal to put tourism in the service of unifying the Italian state before Italian unification.

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29. Thomas Cook was a frontrunner of establishing tourism systems and thus made Mass Tourism possible in Italy.

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30. On 5 July 1841, Thomas Cook escorted around 500 people, who paid one shilling each for the return train journey, on his first excursion.

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31. In February 1826, Thomas Cook became a Baptist missionary, and toured the region as a village evangelist, distributing pamphlets and occasionally working as a cabinet maker to earn money.

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32. Thomas Cook was born to John and Elizabeth Cook, who lived at 9 Quick Close in the village of Melbourne, Derbyshire.

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33. Thomas Cook was deemed questionable again to play at Philadelphia on Linebacker Anthony Barr, left guard Tom Compton (knee) and backup running back Roc Thomas were ruled out.

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34. Thomas Cook set to open 20 own-brand hotels by 2019, three in Turkey.

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35. Thomas Cook could be looking to increase number of pre-bookable sunbeds.

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