10 Facts About Thomas Lovell


Sir Thomas Lovell, KG was an English soldier and administrator, Speaker of the House of Commons, Secretary to the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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Thomas Lovell was fifth son of Sir Thomas Lovell of Barton Bendish in Norfolk, by Anne, daughter of Robert Toppe, alderman of Norwich; his family was Lancastrian in politics.

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Thomas Lovell's attainder was reversed in Henry VII's first parliament.

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In 1487 Thomas Lovell sided with King Henry against Lambert Simnel, and he and his brothers fought at the battle of Stoke, where he was knighted.

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Thomas Lovell was reappointed chancellor of the exchequer, and at Michaelmas 1512 was appointed Constable of the Tower of London.

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Thomas Lovell was buried in a chantry chapel he had built at Holywell Priory, Shoreditch, a religious house of which he was regarded as a second founder.

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Thomas Lovell's portrait was formerly in a stained-glass window in Malvern Priory.

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Thomas Lovell married, first, Eleanor, daughter of Jeffrey Ratcliffe; and, secondly, Isabel, sister of Edmund de Ros, 10th Baron de Ros, of Hamlake, a widow, but left no issue.

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Thomas Lovell contributed towards the building of Caius College, Cambridge, and built a gateway for Lincoln's Inn.

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Thomas Lovell had worked with Lady Agnes Mellers who had become a rich widow in 1507 and he assisted in her wish to found what would become Nottingham High School.

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