21 Facts About Thrissur


Thrissur, formerly Trichur, known by its historical name Thrissivaperur, is a city and the headquarters of the Thrissur district in Kerala, India.

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Thrissur was once the capital of the Kingdom of Cochin, and was a point of contact for the Assyrians, Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and English.

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Thrissur is known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala because of its cultural, spiritual and religious leanings throughout history.

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Thrissur has a large number of well-known temples including the Vadakkumnathan temple, Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple, and Paramekkavu temple.

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Name Thrissur is a shortened form of the Malayalam word Thirusshivaperoor .

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Thrissur was known by its anglicised name Trichur until 1990, when the government decided to replace it with its Malayalam name.

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Thrissur rose to importance after Maharaja Sakthan Thampuran ascended the throne of Kingdom of Cochin and made Thrissur his capital.

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Thrissur district was formed on 1 July 1949, with the headquarters at the city of Thrissur.

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Thrissur is the headquarters of Thrissur district, in the centre of the Indian state of Kerala.

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Thrissur is home to many Malayaliee entrepreneurs, and is a major financial and commercial hub of Kerala.

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Soon, Thrissur became a flourishing centre of internal trade in Kerala.

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Thrissur has functioned as a municipality since 1921 under the Cochin Municipal Regulations.

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Thrissur has played a significant part in the political history of South India.

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The city of Thrissur is represented in the Kerala State Assembly by two elected members, one from Thrissur Assembly Constituency and another from Ollur Assembly Constituency.

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Thrissur city is a part of the Thrissur Lok Sabha constituency and elects a member to the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India, once every five years.

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Thrissur is known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala, the city enjoys a thriving cultural tradition dating back to centuries.

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Cuisine of Thrissur is linked to its history, geography, demography and culture.

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Thrissur, which has been a centre of learning from ancient times, is developing as a modern education hub.

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Thrissur has contributed many national and international bodybuilding stars to India such as TV Poly and VM Basheer.

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Major Malayalam newspapers published in Thrissur include Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Madhyamam, Deepika, Kerala Kaumudi, Deshabhimani, Mangalam, Veekshanam, Metro Vaartha and Janayugom.

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Thrissur has a Doordarshan studio with a low power transmitter located near the studio.

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