25 Facts About Tim Farron

1. Tim Farron strongly supports Britain's membership of the European Union, [34] but criticised David Cameron's renegotiation as "about appealing to careerist Tory MPs, who were selected by Europhobic party members, to persuade them to vote to remain".

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2. Tim Farron was born in Preston, Lancashire, and educated at Lostock Hall High School and Runshaw College, Leyland, [3] before going on to Newcastle University where he gained a BA in Politics in 1992.

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3. Tim Farron avoided the backlash many Lib Dems faced over their U-turn on tuition fees.

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4. In 2005 Mr Tim Farron ended 95 years of Conservative dominance when he defeated Tory MP Tim Collins by just 276 votes.

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5. Tim Farron defeated Lamb to become party leader in July 2015.

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6. Tim Farron studied politics at Newcastle University, where he was the first Liberal Democrat to be elected president of the student union.

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7. Tim Farron will be taking over the Communities and Local Government  brief, which really suits him with his longstanding interest in housing.

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8. Tim Farron said: "We loved joining Sandgate school for their assembly and to celebrate the great work that the children have done.

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9. Tim Farron said: "It is time to shine a light onto the shady corners of our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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10. Tim Farron voted against replacing Trident with a like-for-like submarine-based nuclear weapons system.

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11. Tim Farron was absent for the vote for gay marriage on the third reading of the Bill.

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12. Tim Farron attended the Refugee solidarity march in London in September 2015 and gave the opening speech.

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13. Tim Farron called for the UK to accept up to 60,000 non-EU refugees to help with the influx.

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14. Tim Farron is a member of the Beveridge Group within the Liberal Democrats.

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15. Tim Farron made his maiden speech in Parliament on 25 May 2005.

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16. Tim Farron is a lifelong non-conformist Protestant and is a committed evangelical Christian and says that "becoming a Christian at the age of eighteen [was] the most massive choice I have made.

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17. Tim Farron is against the government's proposed plan to return to the traditional blue British passport.

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18. Tim Farron was one of only two Liberal Democrat MPs to vote against the under-occupancy penalty in 2012.

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19. In August 2015, Tim Farron identified seven campaigning priorities for the Liberal Democrats.

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20. Tim Farron was one of only eight Liberal Democrats elected nationwide at the 2015 general election.

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21. In March 2012, Tim Farron was one of three MPs who signed a letter sent to the Advertising Standards Authority, criticising their recent decision to stop the Christian group "Healing on the Streets of Bath" from making explicit claims that prayer can heal.

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22. On 27 May 2010, Tim Farron announced he would be standing for the position of Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, made vacant by the resignation of Vince Cable.

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23. Tim Farron resigned from the front bench of the Liberal Democrats on 5 March 2008 in protest at the party's abstention from a parliamentary vote on a proposed Conservative referendum on Britain's accession to the Lisbon Treaty.

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24. At the 2001 general election, Tim Farron contested the Westmorland and Lonsdale seat and finished second, reducing the majority of the sitting Conservative MP Tim Collins to 3,167.

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25. Tim Farron was born in Preston, Lancashire, and educated at Lostock Hall High School and Runshaw College, Leyland, before going on to Newcastle University, where he gained a BA in Politics in 1992.

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