30 Facts About Tim Robbins


Tim Robbins is known for portraying Andy Dufresne in the film The Shawshank Redemption, and has won an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards for his roles in the films The Player and Mystic River .

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Tim Robbins directed the films Bob Roberts and Dead Man Walking, both of which were well received.

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Tim Robbins received an Academy Award nomination for Best Director for Dead Man Walking.

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On television, Tim Robbins played Secretary of State Walter Larson in the HBO comedy The Brink, and in Here and Now portrayed Greg Boatwright.

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Tim Robbins was born in West Covina, California, and raised in New York City.

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Tim Robbins's parents were Mary Cecelia, a musician, and Gilbert Lee Robbins, a singer, actor, and manager of The Gaslight Cafe.

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Tim Robbins has two sisters, Adele and Gabrielle, and a brother, composer David Tim Robbins.

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Tim Robbins moved to Greenwich Village with his family at a young age while his father pursued a career as a member of a folk music group called The Highwaymen.

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Tim Robbins started performing in theater at age twelve and joined the drama club at Stuyvesant High School .

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Tim Robbins spent two years at SUNY Plattsburgh and then returned to California to study at the UCLA Film School, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama in 1981.

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Tim Robbins's acting career began at Theater for the New City, where he spent his teenage years in their Annual Summer Street Theater and played the title role in a musical adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince.

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Tim Robbins took parts in films, such as the role of frat animal "Mother" in Fraternity Vacation and Lt Sam "Merlin" Wells in the fighter pilot film Top Gun .

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Tim Robbins appeared on The Love Boat, as a young version of one of the characters in retrospection about the Second World War.

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Tim Robbins made his directorial and screenwriting debut with Bob Roberts, a mockumentary about a right-wing senatorial candidate.

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Tim Robbins then starred alongside Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption, which was based on Stephen King's novella.

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Tim Robbins has written, produced, and directed several films with strong social content, such as the capital punishment saga Dead Man Walking, starring Sarandon and Sean Penn.

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Tim Robbins has appeared in mainstream Hollywood thrillers, such as Arlington Road as a suspected terrorist and Antitrust as a malicious computer tycoon, and in comical films such as The Hudsucker Proxy, Nothing to Lose, and High Fidelity .

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Tim Robbins has acted in and directed several Actors' Gang theater productions.

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Tim Robbins won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar and the SAG Award for his work in Mystic River, as a man traumatized from having been molested as a child.

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Tim Robbins followed his Oscar-win with roles as a temporarily blind man who is nursed to health by a psychologically wounded young woman in The Secret Life of Words and an apartheid torturer in Catch a Fire .

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In early 2006, Tim Robbins directed an adaptation of George Orwell's novel 1984, written by Michael Gene Sullivan of the Tony Award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe.

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Tim Robbins appeared in The Lucky Ones, with co-star Rachel McAdams as well as City of Ember .

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Tim Robbins was originally offered the chance to record an album in 1992 after the success of his film Bob Roberts, but he declined because he had "too much respect for the process", having seen his father work so hard as a musician, and because he felt he had nothing to say at the time.

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Tim Robbins helmed the episodes "Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky" in Season 2 and "Promised Land" in Season 3 .

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Tim Robbins became interested in the show while staying in New Orleans during the filming of Green Lantern.

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In 1988, Tim Robbins began a relationship with actress Susan Sarandon, whom he met on the set of Bull Durham.

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Sarandon, like Tim Robbins, is a lapsed Catholic, and they share liberal political views.

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Tim Robbins supported Ralph Nader's 2000 presidential campaign and appeared on stage in character as Bob Roberts during the "Nader Rocks the Garden" rally at Madison Square Garden.

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In December 2007, Robbins campaigned for Senator John Edwards in the 2008 U S presidential election.

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Tim Robbins made critical statements against Hillary Clinton and the DLC while introducing Bernie Sanders at a 2016 campaign stop.

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