12 Facts About Time Team


Time Team tries to ensure that everything is comprehensible to the archaeologically uninitiated.

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Robinson claims that the archaeologists involved with Time Team have published more scientific papers on excavations carried out in the programme than all British university archaeology departments over the same period and that by 2013, the programme had become the biggest funder of field archaeology in the country.

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Time Team'storian and archivist Robin Bush was a regular in the first nine series, having been involved with the programme through his long friendship with Aston.

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Time Team was supplemented by experts appropriate for the period and type of site.

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Younger members of Time Team who made regular appearances include: Jenni Butterworth, Raksha Dave, Kerry Ely, Brigid Gallagher, Rob Hedge, Katie Hirst, Alex Langlands, Cassie Newland, Ian Powlesland, Alice Roberts, Faye Simpson, Barney Sloane, Tracey Smith, and Matt Williams.

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Time Team expressed support for a fan-organised Facebook campaign to bring the Time Team crew together again to carry out a dig in memory of Aston.

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In December 2020, producer Tim Taylor announced that Time Team would begin airing episodes on a YouTube channel called "Time Team Classics".

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Time Team's Big Dig was an expansion on the live format.

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Time Team covered the action through live link-ups based at a Roman Villa at Dinnington in Somerset – itself a Time Team excavation from 2003.

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Time Team Specials are documentary programmes about topics in history and archaeology made by the same production company.

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Behind the Scenes of Time Team showed meetings of the archaeologists, and material not transmitted during the episode of the dig.

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Time Team has been credited with promoting archaeology in the UK.

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