14 Facts About Time Warner

1. Time Warner qualified for nationals with a 10th-place finish at the Great Plains Athletic Conference meet.

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2. Time Warner says developing countries are jumping reveals more interesting stats about the platform.

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3. Time Warner has intervened on behalf of military families experiencing health hazards in military housing.

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4. Time Warner is helping his students learn practical applications of mathematics through hands-on projects.

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5. In late 2003, Time Warner finished construction of a new twin-tower complex, designed to serve as additional office space, facing Columbus Circle on the southwestern edge of Central Park.

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6. Time Warner sold its stake in the Columbus Circle building for $1.3 billion to Related and two wealth funds.

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7. On March 6, 2013, Time Warner intended to spin-off its publishing division Time Inc as a separate, publicly traded company.

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8. In June 2012, Time Warner acquired Alloy Entertainment, a publisher and television studio whose works are aimed at teen girls and young women.

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9. In August 2010, Time Warner agreed to acquire Shed Media, a TV production company, for £100 million.

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10. In 2005, Time Warner was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250,000 to the second inauguration of President George W Bush.

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11. Time Warner had been looking for a way to embrace the digital revolution, while AOL wanted to convert its stock price into tangible assets.

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12. Time Warner purchased the Six Flags Theme Parks chain in 1993.

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13. In 1980, Time Warner purchased The Franklin Mint for about $225 million.

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14. Time Warner made considerable profits with Atari, which it owned from 1976 to 1984.

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