15 Facts About Tin Oo


Tin Oo, often referred to as U Tin Oo, is a Burmese politician, activist and retired general in the Armed Forces who was one of the founders of the National League for Democracy in Myanmar, the country's largest pro-democracy political party.


Tin Oo joined the military on 26 February 1946 as a second lieutenant in Burma Rifles Battalion.


Tin Oo reached the ranks of lieutenant on 7 January 1947, captain on 27 September 1948 and served as executive officer at Armed Forces Training Headquarters.


Tin Oo was promoted to the rank of major on 25 January 1950 and became deputy battalion commander of the No 1 Burma Rifles Battalion and took over the position of acting battalion commander on 27 November 1952.


Tin Oo was promoted to lieutenant colonel on 21 January 1954 and became commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade on 30 May 1957.


Tin Oo was then transferred to Officers Training School, Bahtoo as commandant on 13 September 1957.


Tin Oo was then given the command of South West Regional Military Command and promoted to the rank of colonel on 14 February 1964.

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Tin Oo was then promoted to the rank of brigadier general and became deputy chief of staff of the Tatmadaw on 20 April 1972.


Tin Oo was armed forces commander in chief during the bloody crackdown on student protests surrounding the funeral of former UN Secretary General U Thant.


Tin Oo led both tactical and strategic campaigns against the Karen National Union as well as the Communist Party of Burma and various ethnic armed groups, especially in the north and east of the country.


Tin Oo was arrested and tried for the alleged withholding of information concerning a failed coup-d'etat against General Ne Win and the Council of State.


Tin Oo was released under general amnesty in 1980, after which he studied and received a degree in law.


On 30 May 2003, Tin Oo, travelling with the caravan of Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the NLD, was attacked in the northern village of Depayin by a government-sponsored mob, murdering and wounding many of his supporters.


Tin Oo was taken into detention along with Aung San Suu Kyi and was initially held in prison in Kalay in northwestern Myanmar.


Tin Oo was released from house arrest on 13 February 2010.