30 Facts About Tipu Sultan

1. Tipu Sultan was commonly known as the Tiger of Mysore and adopted this animal as the symbol of his rule.

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2. Tipu Sultan had lost his sword in a war with the Nairs of Travancore during the Battle of the Nedumkotta, in which he was forced to withdraw due to the severe joint attack from Travancore army and British army.

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3. Tipu Sultan got Runmust Khan, the Nawab of Kurnool, to launch a surprise attack upon the Kodava Hindus who were besieged by the invading Muslim army.

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4. Tipu Sultan devised a plan to annex Kodagu by offering his friendship.

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5. Tipu Sultan gave a greenish linga; to Ranganatha temple at Srirangapatna he donated seven silver cups and a silver camphor burner.

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6. Tipu Sultan sent an expert to Bengal Subah to study silk cultivation and processing, after which Mysore began developing polyvoltine silk.

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7. Tipu Sultan defeated the Nizams and was one of the few Indian rulers to have defeated British armies.

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8. Tipu Sultan managed to subdue all the petty kingdoms in the south.

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9. Tipu Sultan was buried the next afternoon at the Gumaz, next to the grave of his father.

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10. Tipu Sultan planted a Liberty Tree and declared himself Citizen Tipoo.

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11. Tipu Sultan paid the amount in two instalments and got back his sons from Madras.

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12. Tipu Sultan came from Mysore to reinstate the authority over Malabar.

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13. Tipu Sultan stopped the tribute to Marathas which was promised by Hyder Ali.

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14. Tipu Sultan commanded a corps of cavalry in the invasion of Carnatic in 1767 at age 16.

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15. Tipu Sultan was his father's right arm in the wars from which Hyder emerged as the most powerful ruler of southern India.

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16. Tipu Sultan is applauded as a ruler who fought against British colonialism.

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17. Tipu Sultan was one of the few South Indian kings to provide stiff resistance to British imperialism, along with Hyder Ali.

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18. Tipu Sultan deployed the rockets against advances of British forces and their allies during the Anglo-Mysore Wars, including the Battle of Pollilur and Siege of Seringapatam.

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19. Tipu Sultan was the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore.

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20. Tipu Sultan is considered a freedom fighter by the Karnataka government, he is considered a religious bigot by the BJP and its affiliates.

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21. Tipu Sultan is a controversial figure and Congress' move to venerate him is being seen as an attempt to appease the minority.

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22. Tipu Sultan has been treated as a controversial figure and criticized for his actions against Hindus, Christians, and Mappla Muslims.

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23. Tipu Sultan presented four silver cups to the Lakshmikanta Temple at Kalale.

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24. Tipu Sultan expressed his indignation and grief at the news of the raid:.

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25. Tipu Sultan maintained correspondence with Hamad bin Said, the ruler of the Sultanate of Oman.

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26. Tipu Sultan requested the Ottoman Sultan to send him troops and military experts.

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27. Immediately after his coronation, Tipu Sultan sought the investiture of the Mughal emperor.

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28. Tipu Sultan realised that the British were a new kind of threat in India.

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29. Tipu Sultan seized all the guns and took the entire detachment prisoner.

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30. Tipu Sultan was instructed in military tactics by French officers in the employment of his father.

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