23 Facts About Tito Santana

1. Tito Santana wrestled Blackie Guzman, and teamed with future tag team partner Rick Martel against the High Flyers on Aug 29, 1982 in St Paul Minnesota.

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2. Tito Santana has obviously already caught the eye of UFC scouts.

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3. Tito Santana has not competed in 2018, but she still deserves a mention here.

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4. Tito Santana still wrestles at least a dozen matches per year.

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5. Tito Santana embarked on a three-day tour of Saskatchewan, Canada with High Impact Wrestling Canada.

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6. In July 2012, Tito Santana wrestled in Winnipeg MB for Canadian Westling Elite against Matt Fairlane but was disqualified due to outside interferance.

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7. Tito Santana continues to make appearances on the independent circuit.

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8. Tito Santana was slightly considered the top babyface of the company, and its major champion along with Orton.

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9. Tito Santana would then wrestle at WrestleMania VII, losing to The Mountie in a little over a minute after being hit in the stomach by The Mountie's electrified cattle prod.

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10. Tito Santana would eliminate The Warlord with his Flying forearm before being pinned by DiBiase.

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11. Immediately after the injury, Tito Santana introduced a new tag team to the WWF, The Powers of Pain, two big, muscled up power wrestlers whom he briefly managed.

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12. Tito Santana formed the popular tag team Strike Force with Canadian Rick Martel in August 1987.

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13. Tito Santana would hold on to the title until February 8, 1986 when he lost it to "Macho Man" Randy Savage at the Boston Garden, after Savage knocked him out with a foreign object he had hidden in his tights that went unnoticed by referee Danny Davis.

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14. Tito Santana recaptured the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship from Valentine in a brutal steel cage match in Baltimore on July 6, 1985.

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15. Tito Santana returned in December 1984 and set his sights on getting the Intercontinental title back from Valentine.

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16. Tito Santana finally won the title on February 11, 1984, becoming the first Mexican-American wrestler to win the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.

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17. Tito Santana made his televised return on the May 14, 1983 episode of Championship Wrestling by defeating Jose Estrada.

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18. Tito Santana wrestled Blackie Guzman, and teamed with future tag team partner Rick Martel against the High Flyers on Aug 29, 1982, in St Paul Minnesota.

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19. Tito Santana wrestled in the American Wrestling Association from 1980 to 1982.

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20. Tito Santana joined the World Wrestling Federation defeating Mike Hall in his debut match on Championship Wrestling in 1979.

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21. Tito Santana debuted in 1977, working for Championship Wrestling from Florida.

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22. Tito Santana played a single season for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, appearing in 13 regular season games.

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23. Tito Santana was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2004.

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