17 Facts About Tobias Wolff


Tobias Jonathan Ansell Wolff was born on June 19,1945 and is an American short story writer, memoirist, novelist, and teacher of creative writing.


Tobias Wolff is known for his memoirs, particularly This Boy's Life and In Pharaoh's Army.


Tobias Wolff was born in 1945 in Birmingham, Alabama, the second son of Rosemary from Hartford, Connecticut, and Arthur Samuels Tobias Wolff, an aeronautical engineer who was a son of a Jewish doctor and his wife.


The father had become Episcopalian, and Tobias Wolff did not learn about his father's Jewish roots until he was an adult.


Tobias Wolff's parents separated when Wolff was five and his elder brother Geoffrey was twelve; he lived with his mother in a variety of places, including Seattle, Washington, when he was an adolescent.


Tobias Wolff had applied under the self-embellished name "Tobias Jonathan von Ansell-Wolff III", adopting part of one of his father's personas, Saunders Ansell-Wolff 3d.


When Tobias Wolff was found to have forged his transcripts and recommendation letters, he was later expelled.


Tobias Wolff served in the US Army from 1964 to 1968, when he trained for Special Forces, learned Vietnamese, and served as an adviser in Vietnam.


Tobias Wolff holds a First Class Honours degree in English from Hertford College, Oxford.


Tobias Wolff published his first short story collection in 1981.


In 1997, Wolff transferred to Stanford, where he is the Ward W and Priscilla B Woods Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences.


Tobias Wolff has taught classes in English and creative writing, and served as the director of the Creative Writing Program at Stanford from 2000 to 2002.


Tobias Wolff is widely known for his work in two genres: the short story and the memoir.


Tobias Wolff published a third collection of stories, The Night in Question, in 1997.


In 1989, Tobias Wolff was chosen as recipient of the Rea Award for the Short Story.


In 2001, Tobias Wolff's acclaimed short story "Bullet in the Brain" was adapted as a short film by David Von Ancken and CJ Follini; it starred Tom Noonan and Dean Winters.


Tobias Wolff is married and lives with his wife, Catherine Dolores Spohn, and three children in California.