16 Facts About Todd Phillips


Todd Phillips is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter.


Todd Phillips came to wider prominence in the early 2010s for directing The Hangover film series.


Todd Phillips was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to a Jewish family.


Todd Phillips was raised in Dix Hills, New York, on Long Island.


Todd Phillips attended New York University Film School, but dropped out because he could not afford to complete his first film and pay tuition simultaneously.


Todd Phillips appeared as one of the drivers in the first season of the HBO hidden camera docu-series Taxicab Confessions.


Todd Phillips wrote a letter to convicted serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, an acquaintance of GG, asking if he could paint a movie poster for the film.


Todd Phillips stated that "Gacy is really the executive producer" of the film, having raised $10,000 from selling replicas of his artwork.


Todd Phillips worked on the satirical comedy Borat, but he resigned his position as a director in early 2005, due to creative differences.


Todd Phillips took almost no up-front salary in exchange for a large share of the film's profits, and has said that the movie's enormous success, combined with his deal, makes it "my Star Wars".


In 2010, Todd Phillips directed, produced and co-wrote the comedy Due Date, which starred Robert Downey Jr.


Todd Phillips returned to direct, write, and produce The Hangover Part III, which was released in 2013.


In 2016, following the successes of The Hangover trilogy, Todd Phillips directed, produced, and co-wrote the crime film War Dogs, starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller.


Todd Phillips directed, co-wrote, and co-produced an origin story film of DC Comics's supervillain, the Joker.


Todd Phillips was scheduled to direct a biographical film about Hulk Hogan, starring Chris Hemsworth in the lead role.


Todd Phillips is producing the film with Bradley Cooper, one of the lead actors of Todd Phillips' The Hangover trilogy and producer on Joker.