27 Facts About Todd Ricketts

1. Todd Ricketts has served as the RNC as its finance chair since Jan 2018, though he has made his own contributions to political causes, including an ad praising Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's strong moral character.

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2. Todd Ricketts is the son of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts and a member of a billionaire family that has wielded much influence in the Midwest, particularly with Ricketts' brother Pete serving as the current governor of Nebraska.

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3. In 2010, Todd Ricketts appeared on an episode of the reality TV show "Undercover Boss", in which he worked in disguise as an entry-level Wrigley Field employee.

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4. Todd Ricketts has served on the panel of the American Enterprise Institute.

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5. In 2004, Todd Ricketts stumbled upon the idea of starting High Plains Bison, which is a retail outlet for natural Bison meat.

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6. Todd Ricketts held this position until 1994, shortly after finishing his MBA.

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7. Todd Ricketts was awarded the 'Distinguished Young Alumni' award from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, recognizing graduates that achieve extraordinary career success and outstanding leadership.

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8. In 1983, Todd Ricketts moved to Chicago in order to attend the University of Chicago.

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9. Todd Ricketts is an immensely successful businessman with unparalleled knowledge of the finance industry.

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10. Todd Ricketts helped raise money for the group Future 45, which produced pro-Trump advertisements during the election cycle.

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11. Todd Ricketts lives in Wilmette, Illinois with his wife, Sylvie Ricketts, according to Chicago Mag.

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12. Todd Ricketts actually appeared in a 2010 episode of Undercover Boss, where he sold hot dogs, picked up garbage and cleaned the bathrooms at Wrigley Field.

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13. Todd Ricketts is the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, running the team along with his brother, Thomas Ricketts, who bought the Cubs in 2009.

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14. Todd Ricketts is leading the fundraising drive to re-elect President Donald Trump.

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15. In 2010, Todd Ricketts appeared on an episode of the reality TV show "Undercover Boss", in which he worked in disguise as an entry-level Wrigley Field employee.

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16. Todd Ricketts manages the conservative political operations for the Republican wing of the Ricketts family.

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17. Todd Ricketts was named co-chair of Walker's fundraising drive in May 2015.

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18. Todd Ricketts worked for Ameritrade in business development, and he is on the board of directors of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation.

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19. Todd Ricketts is the son of Marlene Margaret and Ameritrade founder and billionaire Joe Ricketts.

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20. On November 7, 2010, Todd Ricketts appeared on the reality television series Undercover Boss, going incognito as an entry-level employee at Wrigley Field.

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21. In May 2016, Todd Ricketts was chosen as an at-large member of the Illinois delegation to the Republican National Convention.

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22. Todd Ricketts is an owner of Napolita Pizzeria in Wilmette, Illinois and Higher Gear Bike Shops in Wilmette, Illinois and Highland Park, Illinois and a member of the board of directors of World Bicycle Relief.

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23. Todd Ricketts is on the board of directors of the Chicago Cubs.

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24. Todd Ricketts was an influential fundraiser and donor during the 2016 US presidential election, supporting Wisconsin governor Scott Walker during the Republican Party primaries.

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25. Todd Ricketts has a World Series title to his credit, as the Cubs won the championship in 2016 defeating the Cleveland Indians four games to three.

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26. Todd Ricketts worked for securities and investment banking firm Incapital and for the financial services firm Knight Securities.

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27. Todd Ricketts left Booth before finishing his MBA requirements to work as a trader at a New York-based startup, Knight Securities.

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