28 Facts About Tom Benson

1. In 2015, Tom Benson made waves by means of omitting his daughter and grandchildren from the Saints and Pelicans' ownership plans.

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2. Tom Benson began his ascension up the economic ladder via possessing and working Chevrolet dealerships.

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3. On May 31, 1985, business mogul Tom Benson, purchased the professional football team the New Orleans Saints, which eventually became one of the most notable investments of his career.

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4. Tom Benson was a highly successful multibillion-dollar business mogul and philanthropist.

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5. In 2015, Tom Benson made waves by omitting his daughter and grandchildren from the Saints and Pelicans' ownership plans.

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6. Tom Benson began his ascension up the financial ladder through owning and working Chevrolet dealerships.

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7. Tom Benson began his ascension up the financial ladder by owning and operating Chevrolet dealerships.

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8. Tom Benson offered to give them compensation for the shares based on his teams' valuation.

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9. In 2015, Tom Benson fired his estranged daughter from his first marriage, Renee Benson LeBlanc, and her kids, Ryan and Rita LeBlanc, from executive positions.

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10. Tom Benson tried her hand at interior designing by renovating historic homes and assisted in redesigning and restoring grocery stores, hotels, and car dealerships across New Orleans.

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11. In 1998, Tom Benson was granted a license for a team in the Arena Football League, which finally began play in 2004 as the New Orleans VooDoo.

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12. On December 17, ESPN reported that Tom Benson had told Saints players that he planned to keep the Saints in San Antonio for the 2006 season and possibly beyond, and that he was willing to sue the NFL for the right to stay there.

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13. On November 4, 2005, Tom Benson made a deal with Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco that would postpone two important termination deadlines in the team's Superdome lease until after the 2006 season.

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14. Tom Benson stated in the e-mail that he feared for his life, and his family's safety upon his exit from Tiger Stadium, and would not be returning to any future games in Baton Rouge.

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15. Tom Benson was well known for doing the "Tom Benson Boogie" after Saints home victories.

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16. Tom Benson hired general manager Jim Finks and head coach Jim Mora, who led the Saints to their first winning season and playoff appearance.

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17. Tom Benson eventually purchased several small Southern banks and formed Benson Financial, which he sold to Norwest Corporation in 1996.

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18. Tom Benson was the owner of several automobile dealerships in the Greater New Orleans and San Antonio areas.

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19. Tom Benson served in the US Navy and then graduated with an accounting degree at Loyola University New Orleans in 1948.

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20. Tom Benson looked at San Antonio as a possible relocation city as a hedge when he was.

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21. Tom Benson said she hopes to work on reducing the city's debt Linda Brezinka was elected city clerk after running unopposed.

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22. Tom Benson was hospitalized on February 16, 2018, with the flu.

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23. Tom Benson spent his final years in the exclusive Audubon Place neighborhood in New Orleans.

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24. In 2017, Tom Benson bought a majority stake in the Dixie Brewing Company from Joe and Kendra Bruno, with plans of returning the brewing operation to New Orleans within two years.

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25. Tom Benson extended his force majeure clause period until January 2007.

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26. Tom Benson became wealthy by investing profits from his automobile dealerships in local banks.

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27. Tom Benson is clearly the more qualified candidate, and her policies are far more beneficial for Michiganders than Lang's.

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28. In the race for Secretary of State, Jocelyn Tom Benson leads Mary Trader Lang by a margin of 45.

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