17 Facts About Tom Tykwer


Tom Tykwer is a German film director, producer, screenwriter, and composer.


Tom Tykwer is best known internationally for directing the thriller films Run Lola Run, Heaven, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and The International.


Tom Tykwer collaborated with The Wachowskis as co-director for the science fiction film Cloud Atlas and the Netflix series Sense8, and worked on the score for Lana Wachowski's The Matrix Resurrections.


Tom Tykwer later helped out at a local arthouse cinema in order to see more films, including those for which he was too young to buy tickets.


Tom Tykwer moved to Berlin where he worked as a projectionist.


In Berlin, Tom Tykwer met and befriended the filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim, who urged him to create stories from his own experience.


Tom Tykwer suggested, for example, that Tykwer record arguments with his girlfriend, and turn them into a short film.

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Tom Tykwer made a second short film, Epilog, for which he took on personal financial debt, but he gained valuable technical film making experience.


Tom Tykwer wrote the screenplay for, and directed, his first feature film, the psychological thriller Deadly Maria.


In 1994, Tom Tykwer founded the production company X Filme Creative Pool with Stefan Arndt, Wolfgang Becker, and Dani Levy.


Tom Tykwer was approached by French producers to film a short contribution to Paris, je t'aime, a film composed of 20 short films by many famous directors depicting love in Paris.


Tom Tykwer shot the 10-minute short film, True, with Natalie Portman and Melchior Beslon.


Tom Tykwer shot the film quickly with almost no pre-production.


Tom Tykwer shot the film Pink Children together with 4 German directors about their mentor Rosa von Praunheim.


Tom Tykwer later made his Hollywood debut with the big-budgeted 2009 conspiracy thriller The International, starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts, which was shot in several locations ranging from Berlin, Milan, New York City, and Istanbul.


In 2017, Tom Tykwer co-created the television series Babylon Berlin, directing and writing the screenplay; set in 1920s Berlin, the series comprises 16 episodes in its first two seasons.


Since Winter Sleepers, the music for all of Tom Tykwer's films has been composed by Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil, and Tom Tykwer, unusual for a film director.