18 Facts About Toyota Tercel


Toyota Tercel is a subcompact car manufactured by Toyota from 1978 until 1999 across five generations, in five body configurations sized between the Corolla and the Starlet.

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Also, Toyota designed the then new A series engine for the Tercel, attempting simultaneously to achieve good fuel economy and performance and low emissions.

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Toyota Tercel was introduced in Japan in August 1978, Europe in March 1979 and the United States in 1980.

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The hatchback's rear design was the result of using taillights similar in design to those used on the bigger Mark II: the Toyota Tercel was originally intended to be sold through Toyopet Stores, alongside the Mark II.

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The Tercel ended up being marketed through the Corolla Store and the Diesel Store locations in Japan, while a version badged "Toyota Corsa" was marketed in parallel through the separate Toyopet distribution network.

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The second generation Toyota Tercel was moved from the Corolla to the Vista sales network, while the Corsa remained available through Toyopet stores, and the Corolla II in the Corolla dealer network.

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The only major part specifically designed for the new Toyota Tercel 4WD was the transfer case, built into the transmission.

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The Toyota Tercel wagon continued with the same design until February 1988, while the sedans and hatchbacks moved on to the newer design.

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In 1986, Toyota introduced the slightly larger third generation Tercel with a new 12-valve engine which featured a variable venturi carburetor, and later models with EFI.

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The Tercel continued in North America as Toyota's least expensive vehicle, while it was no longer offered in Europe.

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Third generation Toyota Tercel arrived in North America in late 1986, for the 1987 model year.

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The Toyota Tercel was carried over to 1994 with no major changes—Haloalkane, a non-CFC refrigerant was used in the air conditioning system.

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In Chile, the Toyota Tercel was introduced in 1991 as a four-door sedan with a 1.

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The Toyota Tercel now offered standard driver's and passenger's side airbags in the United States, but only a driver's side bag for Canada.

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In Japan, the Toyota Tercel was again offered with the Corsa and Corolla II nameplates, for sale through parallel marketing channels.

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Inside, the Toyota Tercel's dashboard was revised with rotary ventilation controls.

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Toyota Tercel was sold in Taiwan, which was manufactured and assembled by Kuozui Motors.

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Fifth generation of Toyota Tercel was introduced in September 1995, presented in the FISA auto Show of that year as the "all-new Toyota Tercel twin cam", available in three different levels: basic XLI, the medium GLI, and the full equipment LEI.

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