51 Facts About Trevor Chappell


Trevor Martin Chappell was born on 12 October 1952 and is a former Australian cricketer, a member of the South Australian Chappell family which excelled at cricket.

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Trevor Chappell played 3 tests and 20 One Day Internationals for Australia.

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Trevor Chappell won the Sheffield Shield with New South Wales twice, and scored a century for Australia against India in the 1983 World Cup.

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Trevor Chappell's career was overshadowed by an incident in 1981 in which he bowled an underarm delivery to New Zealand cricketer Brian McKechnie to stop the batsman from hitting a six.

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Trevor Chappell used to be the national coach of the Singapore cricket team.

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Trevor Chappell was the youngest of the Trevor Chappell cricketing brothers, his two elder brothers being Ian and Greg, and the grandson of former Australian captain Vic Richardson.

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Trevor Chappell grew up playing cricket in the backyard with his brothers, and like them was coached by Lynn Foster and attended Prince Alfred College.

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Trevor Chappell was quiet and unassuming, but if you pushed him too far, he'd explode.

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Trevor Chappell played for South Australia in the Australian Schoolboys Cricket Council Championships in Sydney.

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Trevor Chappell made half-centuries in his next two games, but struggled thereafter and was eventually dropped from the South Australian side.

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In 1975 Trevor Chappell played for Walsden in the Central Lancashire Cricket League over the English summer.

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Trevor Chappell returned to England in 1976 and enjoyed another successful English summer in the Lancashire League, this time for East Lancashire.

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Trevor Chappell then received an offer to play for the Scarborough Cricket Club in Perth and moved to Western Australia.

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Trevor Chappell had a run of strong games with scores of 48,88,43 and 76.

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Trevor Chappell later recalled, "Lillee said to me, "Bad luck about not making it in the WA team.

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Trevor Chappell scored 56 off 300 minutes against a World XI in a Lismore game which resulted in him being booed by the crowd for slow scoring.

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Trevor Chappell enjoyed good form that season, which he partly attributed to the captaincy of Eddie Barlow.

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Trevor Chappell led the aggregates out of all players in the Country Tour, making 629 runs at an average of 33.

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When World Series Cricket ended in 1979, Trevor Chappell moved to Sydney and started playing for the club Gordon.

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Trevor Chappell started off the season with 55 for a Rick McCosker XI against a Ross Edwards XI in a trial game.

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Trevor Chappell was preferred to non-WSC-aligned batsman John Dyson, which caused some controversy at the time.

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Trevor Chappell was under pressure to justify his selection but responded with 150 against West Australia, helping New South Wales win.

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Trevor Chappell later scored 144 against Tasmania 76 not out against Queensland and 80 against the touring English.

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Trevor Chappell started to bowl more, and his fielding by now was amongst the best in the country; he began to be discussed as an international prospect.

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Trevor Chappell did not particularly impress with the bat that summer but his bowling and fielding were useful.

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Trevor Chappell was then selected to play in the Australian side for the third test against New Zealand, replacing Shaun Graf as 12th man.

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Trevor Chappell had to make way for the next test when Graf returned from injury.

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Trevor Chappell was dropped from the one-day side to make way for Jim Higgs, but soon returned.

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Trevor Chappell managed to keep his place in the squad for the finals.

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Trevor Chappell is most remembered for what happened in the third final.

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Trevor Chappell became infamous after bowling an underarm delivery when playing for Australia during a match against New Zealand in 1981.

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When Trevor Chappell replied that he didn't know because he had never bowled underarm, Greg Chappell said, "well there is only one way to find out" and then Trevor Chappell rolled the ball along the ground to batsman Brian McKechnie.

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Greg Trevor Chappell chose not to tour England in 1981, and there was much speculation over who would take his spot at number three in the batting line-up.

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However, Kent displayed poor form while Trevor Chappell was more consistent – 47 against Somerset and 91 against Gloucestershire.

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Trevor Chappell kept his place in the team for the second Test but failed twice, scoring 2 and 5.

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Trevor Chappell scored 27 over 161 minutes, helping Australia to a first innings total of 401, notably taking part in a 94-run partnership with John Dyson.

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Trevor Chappell was then dismissed, which triggered a collapse; Australia lost the match by 18 runs.

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Australia lost the fourth test and there was some media talk that Trevor Chappell might find his way back in the team for the fifth test in place of Graham Yallop, who had shown weakness against fast bowling.

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Trevor Chappell scored 46 in a tour game, but then it seemed the wicket for the fifth test would take spin, which Yallop excelled at playing, so he kept his spot and Trevor Chappell remained twelfth man.

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Trevor Chappell then won a man-of-the-match award for hitting 63 in a one-day game against Leicestershire.

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Trevor Chappell did participate in a 219-run stand against Tasmania for NSW.

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Trevor Chappell began the following summer poorly when hit by a ball at training.

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Trevor Chappell recovered, and went on to deliver a number of excellent performances for NSW, including 92 against South Australia, 61 against England, 89 against New Zealand in a one-day game and 132 against Queensland.

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Trevor Chappell ended the season with 633 first class runs and 27 wickets.

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Trevor Chappell was selected for a game against India and promoted to opener – he responded by scoring 110.

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Trevor Chappell was kept on in the one day team and scored 54 against the Australian Capital Territory.

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Trevor Chappell retired from first-class cricket in 1986; however, he continued to play grade cricket with the North Sydney cricket club, leading them to a premiership.

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Trevor Chappell was a fielding coach for Sri Lanka from 1996 to 2000 and had a short stint as national coach for Bangladesh.

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Trevor Chappell says coaching Bangladesh was a very rough job because of the language barrier.

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Trevor Chappell then became coach of the 1st XI cricket team at The King's School, Parramatta over the Australian summer.

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Trevor Chappell married Lorraine Gavin in Canberra in 1981; Graeme Watson was his best man.

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