26 Facts About Trey Parker


Randolph Severn "Trey" Parker III was born on October 19,1969 and is an American actor, animator, filmmaker, and composer.


Trey Parker is known for co-creating South Park and The Book of Mormon with his creative partner Matt Stone.


Trey Parker went on to write, produce, direct, and star in the satirical action film Team America: World Police, and, after several years of development, The Book of Mormon premiered on Broadway to good reviews.


Trey Parker was born in Conifer, Colorado, the son of insurance saleswoman Sharon and geologist Randolph "Randy" Trey Parker.


Trey Parker was a shy child who received "decent" grades and was involved in honors classes.


Trey Parker idolized Monty Python, which he began watching on television in the third grade.


Trey Parker played the dentist and had a friend play the patient.


Trey Parker has described himself as "the typical big-dream kid" who envisioned a career in film and music.


Trey Parker made short films on the weekends with a group of friends, beginning when he was 14.


Trey Parker's father had purchased him a video camera and the group continued making films until graduation.


Trey Parker became interested in pursuing music at 17, but only comedy-centered songs; he wrote and recorded a full-length comedy album, Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads For The '80's Man, with friend David Goodman during this time.


Trey Parker was typically the lead in school plays and was prom king.


Trey Parker later remarked that he and Stone would shoot a film nearly every week, but he has since lost most of them.


Trey Parker first used a construction paper animation technique on American History, a short film made for his college animation class.


Trey Parker graduated with a double-major Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993.


Trey Parker again employed the cutout paper technique on Avenging Conscience's first production, Jesus vs Frosty, an animated short pitting the religious figure against Frosty the Snowman.


The idea was based on an obsession Trey Parker had with Alferd Packer, a real nineteenth-century prospector accused of cannibalism.


Trey Parker told McHugh he had a "vision" they needed to be at the festival, which resulted in the group renting out a conference room in a nearby hotel and putting on their own screenings.


Trey Parker preferred the show be produced by Comedy Central, fearing that MTV would turn it into a kids show.


Trey Parker admitted that press coverage, which proclaimed the end of South Park was near, bothered him.


Trey Parker said the producers did not want to make fun of politics: the main goal was to parody sitcom tropes, such as a lovable main character, the sassy maid, and the wacky neighbor.


In 2021, Stone and Trey Parker signed a $900 million deal with Paramount Global to make six additional seasons of South Park and 14 movies in the South Park universe for streaming.


In January 2022, it was announced Trey Parker will produce an untitled film with Stone through their now-renamed production company Park County and Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free's multi-disciplinary media company PGLang.


Trey Parker subsequently began a relationship with Boogie Tillmon, whom he later married in 2014.


Trey Parker owns properties in Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Kauai, Hawaii; Seattle, Washington; and Midtown Manhattan in New York City.


In 2004, Trey Parker summed up his views with the comment:.