17 Facts About Tri-Cities Washington


Tri-Cities Washington Airport is located in Pasco and provides the region with commercial and private air service.

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Additionally, the Tri-Cities Washington saw a large influx of retirees from various areas of the Northwest.

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Tri-Cities Washington are in a semi-arid climate, receiving an average of 5 to 7 inches of precipitation every year.

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Tri-Cities Washington is the most northwest of the lower 48 states—consequently, the area is in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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The Tri-Cities makes up the largest metropolitan area in the southeastern quadrant of Washington.

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In 2005, the State of Tri-Cities Washington approved the transition of the existing Tri-Cities Washington State University branch campus in Richland from a two-year to a four-year campus.

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Tri-Cities Washington economy has historically been based on farming and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

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From Pasco's incorporation in 1891 to present day, the Tri-Cities Washington have had a large degree of farming thanks to irrigation by the three nearby rivers.

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Tri-Cities Washington' climate allows the region to have a broad and sustainable agricultural economy.

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Tri-Cities Washington has a number of locally owned and operated restaurants.

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Tri-Cities Washington region have a number of wineries and microbreweries that attract tourists and visitors to the area.

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Tri-Cities Washington is home to automobile manufacturer SSC North America, the manufacturer of the SSC Aero.

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Hospitals in the Tri-Cities Washington are include Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Lourdes Medical Center, and Trios Health .

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Tri-Cities Washington is linked by a system of 67 miles of paved pedestrian and bike trails that run through the various cities and along the rivers.

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Tri-Cities Washington is home to seven river-front parks and various other parks and playgrounds.

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Tri-Cities Washington has three skate parks: one in Kennewick and two situated in Richland.

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Tri-Cities Washington is home to one minor league baseball team, the Tri-City Dust Devils of the High-A West league, and one major junior hockey club, the Tri-City Americans of the Western Hockey League.

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