7 Facts About Trujillo Alto

1. Flag of Trujillo Alto features a white background with the town's coat of arms in the center.

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2. The first official mayor of Trujillo Alto was Juan Francisco Carazo, who was one of the residents that vouched for the foundation of the town back in 1801.

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3. Population of Trujillo Alto increased steadily during the 20th Century.

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4. There's a convent in Trujillo Alto called the Convento Carmelitas de San Jose.

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5. In 2001, Trujillo Alto commemorated its bicentenary with the opening of a new park in the PR-181, which included a remodeling of the historical steel bridge.

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6. Economy of Trujillo Alto has relied mostly on agriculture, particularly sugarcane, coffee, tobacco, and minor fruits.

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7. The population of Trujillo Alto has increased through the last century from 9,576 to 74,482 (2010).

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