18 Facts About Tyler Cowen


Tyler Cowen is an American economist, columnist and blogger.


Tyler Cowen is a professor at George Mason University, where he holds the Holbert L Harris chair in the economics department.


Tyler Cowen writes the "Economic Scene" column for The New York Times and since July 2016 has been a regular opinion columnist at Bloomberg Opinion.


Tyler Cowen writes for such publications as The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek and the Wilson Quarterly.


Tyler Cowen serves as general director of George Mason's Mercatus Center, a university research center that focuses on the market economy.


Tyler Cowen was ranked at number 72 among the "Top 100 Global Thinkers" in 2011 by Foreign Policy Magazine "for finding markets in everything".


Tyler Cowen was raised in Hillsdale, New Jersey and attended Pascack Valley High School.

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Tyler Cowen graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics in 1983 and received his PhD in economics from Harvard University in 1987 with his thesis titled Essays in the theory of welfare economics.


Tyler Cowen has written books on fame, art and cultural trade.


Tyler Cowen argues that free markets change culture for the better, allowing them to evolve into something more people want.


In 2023, Tyler Cowen falsely claimed on his blog that Francis Bacon was a critic of the printing press, including fictional quotations and references he had gotten from ChatGPT.


Tyler Cowen's dining guide for the DC area, "Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide", has been written about by The Washington Post and Washington City Paper.


Tyler Cowen co-wrote a paper with philosopher Derek Parfit arguing against the social discount rate.


Tyler Cowen has been described as a "libertarian bargainer" who can influence practical policy making, yet he endorsed bank bailouts in his March 2,2009 column in The New York Times.


Tyler Cowen has described himself as a liberal on most social issues and supports same-sex marriage.


Tyler Cowen is a teetotaler, stating he is "with the Mormons" on alcohol, later stating: "I encourage people to just completely, voluntarily abstain from alcohol and make it a social norm".


In July 2019, Tyler Cowen co-authored an essay in The Atlantic with Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison calling for a "new science of progress".


Conversations with Tyler is Cowen's podcast produced by the Mercatus Center at George Mason.