21 Facts About Tyler Hilinski

1. Tyler Hilinski will be with his parents Mark and Kym in Pullman, Washington.

2. Tyler Hilinski threw for 240 yards and three touchdowns coming off the bench.

3. Tyler Hilinski was the presumptive starting quarterback for the Washington State Cougars football team going into the 2018 football season.

4. Tyler Hilinski was originally from Claremont, California ​, and went to high school at Upland High School ​ in nearby Upland, California ​.

5. Tyler Hilinski played 11 games in his Cougars career, passing for 1,149 yards and seven touchdowns.

6. Tyler Hilinski would come out of the locker room and start hugging people.

7. Tyler Hilinski largely played backup to Luke Falk but took snaps in eight games last season.

8. Tyler Hilinski took a former teammate's rifle without his knowledge and used it to fatally shoot himself, his body found by concerned Cougars players before police arrived, according to police in Pullman, Wash.

9. Tyler Hilinski was a backup for the Cougars but started the team's Holiday Bowl game against Michigan State last month.

10. Tyler Hilinski is from Claremont, California, and went to high school at nearby Upland.

11. Tyler Hilinski was the presumptive starting quarterback going into next season.

12. Tyler Hilinski was beloved by his teammates, many of whom took to Twitter on Tuesday night to express their shock and grief and to honor their quarterback.

13. Tyler Hilinski threw three touchdown passes that day, including the game-winning score to Jamal Morrow.

14. In 2017, Tyler Hilinski played in eight games, earning his first career start in WSU's Holiday Bowl game against Michigan State.

15. Tyler Hilinski became a Washington State quarterback for the Cougars in 2016.

16. Tyler Hilinski was an American college football quarterback for the Washington State Cougars.

17. Tyler Hilinski loved football, but it doesn't mean he used to play and practice throughout.

18. Tyler Hilinski is listed as a redshirt sophomore quarterback on the WSU football team.

19. Tyler Hilinski came off the bench last season in Tucson to complete 45 of 61 passes for 509 yards.

20. Tyler Hilinski was found to have Stage 1 chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

21. Tyler Hilinski enrolled at Washington State University and took a redshirt year in 2015.