21 Facts About Tyler Oakley


Mathew Tyler Oakley was born on March 22,1989 and is an American YouTuber, actor, activist, author and Twitch streamer.


Tyler Oakley, who is openly gay, is a former member of the successful collaboration channel "5AwesomeGays", where he produced the Friday video for over three years.


Tyler Oakley has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Tumblr.


Oakley was the host of The Tyler Oakley Show, which aired weekly on Ellen DeGeneres' ellentube platform.


Mathew Tyler Oakley was born on March 22,1989, in Jackson, Michigan.


When in the sixth grade, Tyler Oakley moved to Okemos, and became involved in choir and drama.


Tyler Oakley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, marketing and social media from Michigan State University.


Tyler Oakley is an active member across many social media platforms.


Tyler Oakley sang Christmas carols on stage with English-Irish boy band One Direction and television presenter Jerry Springer.


Tyler Oakley is known for receiving attention from major celebrities and organizations, such as Liam Payne from One Direction, Chris Colfer from the television series Glee and the restaurant chain store Taco Bell, namely on social network Twitter after commenting on a previous tweet of theirs or tweeting about them.


Tyler Oakley did a video with First Lady Michelle Obama talking about education issues.


Tyler Oakley is considered one of the world's leading Celebrity influencers, having an Influencer Score of 99 from the influencer marketing software Klear.


In December 2020, Tyler Oakley announced he was taking an indefinite hiatus from making Youtube videos.


Tyler Oakley appeared on the YouTube Red show Escape the Night with Joey Graceffa, appearing as "The Thespian" for 10 episodes.


Tyler Oakley had been a part of DigiTour's 2014 US Summer tour of YouTube and Vine personalities.


Tyler Oakley has a podcast called Psychobabble with his best friend, Korey Kuhl.


On screen, Tyler Oakley has done appearances on broadcasting platforms, with some airing on national TV.


Tyler Oakley was seen on Insider Tonight, featuring co-hosts Kevin Frazier and Thea Andrews.


Tyler Oakley has interviewed live from the 2014 Kids Choice Awards red carpet, along with many other events that have him meeting and speaking to celebrities.


In 2018, Tyler Oakley appeared on the tenth episode of the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, where he was paired with Monet X Change for a makeover challenge.


Tyler Oakley interned with them in 2009, and since 2011 has co-hosted TrevorLIVE, the charity's annual red carpet event.