29 Facts About Tyronn Lue


Tyronn Lue formerly served as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, helping them win their first NBA title in franchise history.


Tyronn Lue was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers shortly thereafter.


That same season, Tyronn Lue coached the Cavaliers to their first NBA championship and became one of the few rookie coaches in the NBA to ever lead his team to a title.


Tyronn Lue went on to be the head coach of the Clippers and led them to their first Conference Finals appearance in franchise history.


Tyronn Lue graduated from Raytown Senior High School in Raytown, Missouri.


Tyronn Lue finished his Cornhuskers career ranked third all-time in assists, fourth in three-pointers made and attempted, fifth in steals and seventh in scoring.


Tyronn Lue led Nebraska in assists in each of his three seasons and finished his career tied with Dave Hoppen for most games with 30 or more points.

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Tyronn Lue declared for the NBA draft after his junior season.


Tyronn Lue was selected 23rd overall by the Denver Nuggets but was traded on draft night to the Los Angeles Lakers with Tony Battie in exchange for Nick Van Exel.


Tyronn Lue's playing time was limited and he suffered from injuries in 2000.


In Houston, Tyronn Lue saw a notable decrease in playing time due to the overabundance of point guards on the Rockets' roster.


Tyronn Lue was traded mid-season to the Atlanta Hawks for Jon Barry.


On February 16,2008, Tyronn Lue was acquired by the Sacramento Kings in a trade that sent Mike Bibby to the Hawks.


Tyronn Lue was waived by the Kings on February 28,2008, without playing a game for them.


On July 17,2008, Tyronn Lue was signed by the Milwaukee Bucks.


On February 5,2009, Tyronn Lue was traded back to the Orlando Magic in exchange for Keith Bogans and cash considerations.


In July 2013, Tyronn Lue joined the Los Angeles Clippers' coaching staff.


On June 23,2014, Tyronn Lue joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as associate head coach, becoming the highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA.


Tyronn Lue had been a top candidate for the Cavaliers' head coaching job, which eventually went to David Blatt.


On January 22,2016, Tyronn Lue was named head coach of the Cavaliers immediately following the mid-season firing of Blatt.


Tyronn Lue coached the Cavaliers to an NBA championship that spring.


Eight days later, Tyronn Lue led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals, becoming one of the few coaches to reach the Finals after becoming head coach in midseason.


Tyronn Lue became the second rookie head coach in two years to win the title, the third head coach to win a championship after becoming head coach in midseason, and the 14th person to have won an NBA championship as a head coach and as a player.


On March 19,2018, Tyronn Lue announced that he would take a leave of absence from coaching the Cavaliers, citing recurrent chest pain.


Tyronn Lue returned to coach before the regular season ended and helped the Cavaliers reach the 2018 NBA Finals, where they lost to the Warriors in four games.

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Tyronn Lue's coaching style in Cleveland relied on flexibility and LeBron James's consistency; he shuffled players around James to adjust to matchups.


Tyronn Lue's style was described as undisciplined and unprepared in the regular season, but in the playoffs, he has been praised for his ability to "think several moves ahead and create matchup advantages".


On October 20,2020, Tyronn Lue was promoted to Clippers head coach after Rivers' departure.


Tyronn Lue is a first cousin once removed of Boston Celtics small forward Jayson Tatum.