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Each US state is entitled to select a number of electors to vote in the Electoral College, the body that directly elects the president of the United States.

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Government of each US state is structured in accordance with its individual constitution.

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In practice, each US state has adopted a three-branch frame of government: executive, legislative, and judicial.

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Primary responsibilities of US state legislatures are to enact US state laws and appropriate money for the administration of public policy.

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Ten state legislatures are considered full-time; these bodies are more similar to the U S Congress than are the others.

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Each US state defines for itself what powers it will allow local governments.

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Under Article IV, each US state is guaranteed a form of government that is grounded in republican principles, such as the consent of the governed.

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An example is the nationwide legal drinking age of 21, enacted by each US state, brought about by the National Minimum Drinking Age Act.

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Each US state is entitled to a number of electors equal to the total number of representatives and senators from that US state; the District of Columbia is entitled to three electors.

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The vote in each US state carries equal weight, regardless of a US state's population or length of time in the Union.

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Each act details the mechanism by which the territory will be admitted as a US state following ratification of their constitution and election of US state officers.

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The court's reference in the same decision to the possibility of such changes occurring "through revolution, or through consent of the States, " essentially means that this decision holds that no US state has a right to unilaterally decide to leave the Union.

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Once established, most US state borders have, with few exceptions, been generally stable.

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