13 Facts About Van Partible


Van Partible was born on Efrem Giovanni Bravo Partible; December 13,1971 and is a Filipino-born American animator, screenwriter, storyboard artist, director and producer best known for creating the animated television series Johnny Bravo.


Van Partible grew up in Salinas, California with an avid love of drawing.


Van Partible attended Loyola Marymount University where he began work on a senior thesis project titled Mess O' Blues.


Van Partible initially roomed with Craig McCracken, Paul Rudish and Genndy Tartakovsky.


Van Partible changed his character from Mess O' Blues around so that "he would be more of this '50's iconic James Dean-looking character that talked like Elvis".


Van Partible picked voice actor Jeff Bennett to play Johnny Bravo solely based on his young, hyped Elvis impression.


Van Partible was fired following the first season amid the Warner Bros.


Van Partible was a guest in a Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode, "President's Day Nightmare", which premiered February 20,1995; the episode featured Genndy Tartakovsky, Eugene Mattos, Dian Parkinson, Craig McCracken and Pat Ventura.


Van Partible created a short called The Phabulizers for Disney Channel as a part of a short series called Shorty McShorts' Shorts.


Van Partible has produced original materials for Film Roman, Walt Disney Television Animation, Fox Kids and for NBC's Medium, for which he was the animation producer for the premiere of the third season.


Van Partible served as an executive producer for Cartoon Network Asia's original programming from 2007 to 2012.


Van Partible worked on a video game titled Dancers of War alongside Scott Eaton and Vince Clarke, although the project ended after the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful.


Van Partible currently teaches animation workshops at Loyola Marymount University, works as a director at Surfer Jack Productions in Venice, California, and is directing the Pete the Cat series for Amazon, based on the children's books by James Dean.