13 Facts About Van Wilder


Van Wilder gets stuck in the middle of a love triangle between Gwen and her mean-spirited boyfriend, Richard "Dick" Bagg while struggling to graduate.

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Van Wilder tries various schemes to earn enough money to pay his tuition and graduate, with help from Gwen and the rest of the student body, except a couple of sinister enemies who attempt to sabotage his efforts.

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Vance "Van" Wilder is a confident and sardonic seventh-year senior at Coolidge College who spends his days driving around campus in his customized golf cart, posing nude for figure drawing classes, and organizing soirees and fundraisers for his peers.

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Van Wilder seeks a payment extension from the registrar, Deloris Haver.

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Gwen learns that Van Wilder stopped attending classes years ago, 18 units short of graduation.

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Van Wilder is arrested for providing alcohol to minors and faces expulsion from Coolidge.

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Van Wilder begins studying for the finals, which will be held in six days.

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Van Wilder uses the entire exam period for his last final with his least favorite professor, Prof.

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McDougal explains he had been so hard on him all those years because he believed Van Wilder was not living up to his potential, not because Van Wilder had hooked up with McDougal's daughter freshmen year.

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Van Wilder'sfather, having read Gwen's article, admits he was wrong and expresses his pride in Van's success.

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Van Wilder opened with $7,302,913, ranking number 6 in the domestic box office.

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Van Wilder was released via VHS and DVD by Artisan Entertainment on August 20,2002.

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On November 28,2006, in a way of promoting the sequel to Van Wilder, The Rise of Taj, Lions Gate Home Entertainment released a 2-disc special edition DVD with new bonus features including a "Drunken Idiot Kommentary", behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with the cast and crew.

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