45 Facts About Vermin Supreme


Vermin Love Supreme was born on 1960 or 1961 and is an American performance artist and activist who has run as a candidate in various local, state, and national elections in the United States.


Vermin Supreme served as a member of the Libertarian Party's judicial committee.


Vermin Supreme has campaigned on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research, and promised a free pony for every American.


Vermin Supreme has created attention by giving interviews to reporters and crashing campaign events for major candidates.


Some main themes of Vermin Supreme's campaigns are instituting a mandatory tooth brushing law, giving every American a free pony, using zombies for renewable energy, zombie apocalypse awareness, and time travel research.


Vermin Supreme largely avoided discussing major political issues until his 2020 presidential campaign, which was more serious.


Vermin Supreme has run variously as a Republican, a Democrat, and a Libertarian.

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Vermin Supreme discussed his political views in a 2008 promotional video.


Vermin Supreme said he was registered as a Republican at that time, but that he leaned toward anarchism and was influenced by the Situationist International, dadaism, and discordianism.


Vermin Supreme asserted that Americans no longer know how to be citizens, placing some of the blame on schools that teach in a "very twisted and jingoistic fashion".


Vermin Supreme describes his "joke humor" campaign as a response to the lies people are fed by the media and by the government.


In 1986, Vermin Supreme joined the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in protest of nuclear weapons.


Vermin Supreme campaigned in the Washington, DC presidential primary in 2004, where he received 149 votes.


Vermin Supreme campaigned in the New Hampshire Republican primary in 2008.


Vermin Supreme received 41 votes in the New Hampshire primary.


Vermin Supreme campaigned as a Democrat in the 2012 US presidential election.


Vermin Supreme's candidacy was supported by the Good Humor Party.


On October 29,2011, Vermin Supreme participated in a satirical debate against a representative of the campaign of deceased British occultist Aleister Crowley.


On January 10,2012, in the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire, Vermin Supreme received 833 votes.


Conversely, McMillan stated he was still running for president on his own Rent Is Too Damn High Party platform, and that Vermin Supreme would be McMillan's running mate.


Vermin Supreme embarked on a tour of 20 cities to build support for his campaign and sought to qualify for matching funds from the Federal Election Commission.


Vermin Supreme filed as a candidate in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary on November 21,2015.


Vermin Supreme was not invited to return to the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum, due in part to him glitter bombing Randall Terry at the event in 2011.


Vermin Supreme engaged Christie in an informal debate over his free pony platform, during which he accused Christie of hating ponies, and asked Ted Cruz whether he thought that water being used during waterboarding should include fluoride.


Vermin Supreme received 256 votes in the primary on February 9,2016, coming in fourth after former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, who had dropped out after the Iowa caucuses.

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Vermin Supreme received the vote of a single delegate in the first round of presidential nomination voting at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention.


Vermin Supreme ran again for president in 2020 as a Libertarian.


Vermin Supreme called for ending foreign wars and voiced support for pardoning non-violent drug offenders, ending the war on drugs, and reducing incarceration, which he called his top priority.


Vermin Supreme won the Libertarian Presidential Preference Primary in New Hampshire on February 11,2020.


On March 3,2020, Vermin Supreme was declared the winner of the Massachusetts primary.


Vermin Supreme dropped out on May 23,2020, after Jo Jorgensen received the Libertarian Party's nomination for president.


Incidentally, Vermin Supreme's running mate Spike Cohen was chosen to be the Libertarian vice presidential nominee.


Vermin Supreme expressed interest in running for Governor of Kansas in 2018.


Several teenagers taking advantage of the lack of requirements had filed to run for governor, and in order not to take any votes away from them, Vermin Supreme decided to run for Attorney General instead, becoming a challenger to incumbent Republican Derek Schmidt.


The lack of requirements in order to run for office, as outlined in the state's Constitution, has been heralded by Vermin Supreme: "This is indeed a very interesting and attractive loophole," he said.


Vermin Supreme was eventually disqualified from running on the basis of his non-residency in the state, his home address being in Massachusetts.


Vermin Supreme has a history of making the election promise of ponies to constituents and has asserted that Clinton does not like ponies enough.


When Vermin Supreme sought a protest permit for his demonstration the police ordered the city to deny his request.


The court found in favor of Vermin Supreme, issuing an injunction that the city give him a permit, allow him to protest the event, and allow him to bring ponies.


When Vermin Supreme presented the pony protest, there was a parade.


Vermin Supreme grew up near Boston, Massachusetts, and is said to be the oldest of three children.


Vermin Supreme graduated from Gloucester High School in 1979, then moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Vermin Supreme eventually dropped out of college and began booking bands for underground music clubs.


Vermin Supreme legally changed his name to Vermin Supreme in the 1990s while still in Baltimore.


In 2006, Vermin Supreme donated one of his kidneys to his mother, who was suffering from renal failure.

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