30 Facts About Vicky Pattison

1. Vicky Pattison says that she is in "physical pain" after finding out what John Noble did on holiday.

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2. Vicky Pattison says she has been 'humiliated' by cheating fiance John Noble.

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3. Vicky Pattison enjoyed cocktails with Love Island star Chris Hughes in Manchester on Wednesday night, after revealing that she's a "heartbroken mess".

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4. Vicky Pattison celebrates birthday without John Noble as she addresses 'tough week'.

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5. Vicky Pattison appeared on ITV's This Morning and jibed "we've all had our fair share of snakes"—days after her rumoured split with fiance John Noble.

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6. Vicky Pattison joined Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on today's This Morning just days after splitting from fiance John Noble.

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7. Vicky Pattison jokes she's had her 'fair share of snakes' after split from 'cheating' fiance John Noble.

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8. Vicky Pattison pays tribute to best friend on her first birthday since his death.

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9. Vicky Pattison keeps her head up as she celebrates birthday amid heartbreak.

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10. Vicky Pattison has taken time out on her birthday to remember her best friend, Paul Burns, who passed away suddenly aged 37.

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11. Vicky Pattison pays emotional tribute to best friend on her first birthday without him.

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12. Vicky Pattison has wowed fans by wearing a stunning bridal gown ahead of her wedding to fiance John Noble.

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13. Vicky Pattison has broken her social media silence after footage emerged of fiance John Noble 'cosying up' to a mystery blonde woman in a Dubai nightclub.

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14. Vicky Pattison splits from fiance John Noble after he partied with mystery women He told the Daily Star: "Ben loves his dad and will always speak to him if he beckons, and he has beckoned so I imagine they will speak.

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15. Vicky Pattison has opened up about her relationship with John Noble and has hit out at rumours that their engagement is on the rocks.

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16. Vicky Pattison has shared a cryptic post hinting at relationship struggles after reports emerged that her relationship with fiance John Noble was on the rocks.

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17. Vicky Pattison has split from fiance John Noble and calls off wedding after his snog with blonde model in Dubai.

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18. Vicky Pattison made a big statement about her engagement to John Noble as she appeared on This Morning today.

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19. Vicky Pattison makes big statement about engagement after fiance John Noble's indiscretion.

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20. Vicky Pattison has enjoyed a night out with Chris Hughes amid drama with her fiance John Noble.

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21. Vicky Pattison enjoys night out with Love Island hunk Chris Hughes amid drama with fiance John Noble.

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22. Vicky Pattison insists she's 'moving on' as fiance John Noble is spotted cosying up to second woman.

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23. Vicky Pattison has been getting over her reported split from fiance John Noble by partying with pal Chris Hughes.

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24. Vicky Pattison released her autobiography entitled Nothing But The Truth in August 2014 and updated it in March 2016.

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25. In 2014 and 2015, Vicky Pattison starred in the MTV reality television show Ex on the Beach.

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26. In the fifth series, Vicky Pattison calls her engagement off with Guarnaccio and ultimately ends the relationship.

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27. Vicky Pattison found herself in Cancun, Mexico during the third series where during filming, Guarnaccio proposed to her.

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28. Vicky Pattison has featured in the magazine Nuts with fellow Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan.

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29. Vicky Pattison appeared in the popular MTV show Geordie Shore, from 2011 to 2014 in the first series of the show, she had a short relationship with fellow co-star Jay Gardner.

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30. Vicky Pattison promises to 'stand by' fiance John Noble 'through thick and thin' after make-or-break Dubai holiday.

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